To Oregon – In The Stadium

In the stadium. Can’t wait for kickoff.

This place is impressive even only 8% full. We are pretty early and will get to watch warmups. This is awesome. I’m all geeked up!

One hour to kickoff!

Go Broncos!

To Oregon – Arrival

We made it. Jess and I are in McMinnille safe and sound. Jess’ friends the Ponds have invited us into their home for the weekend and to be part of their pregame festivities.

It us but a mere 8 hours until we hit the road to begin the tailgate. I can’t wait for the game tomorrow!

Keep watching this space for further updates.

Go Broncos!

To Oregon – Departure

Here we are. Mobile blogging from the airport as we wait for our flight to Portland.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m hoping for a win but preparing for a loss. What I don’t want is a repeat of the UW debacle last year.

We are staying with a sorority sister of Jess’ who married a HUGE Oregon fan and alumnus. We are planning on tailgating all day tomorrow which is about my favorite thing to do in the world. I am jacked to see what Autzen Stadium is all about.

Win or lose this will be yet another life experience to soak in.

But it will be better with a win.

Go Broncos!

Honeymoon Pictures

Self Portrait - In our RoomHowdy folks.

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve finally gotten pictures of the honeymoon to Maui posted to the web, including the crappy waterproof camera pictures taken whilst snorkeling.  Most have at least a descriptive title so you can know what you’re looking at.

Honeymoon in Maui via


Yes, I am planning on detailing out our Maui adventure at some point… I just haven’t gotten to it yet.  I will soon, however!

Speaking of Flickr, I believe there are still some of you who have not uploaded your wedding photos to the flickr account.  We REALLY would like you to share them.  Please contact me if you need assistance.

Aaaaaand We’re Back

I suppose I should post something here to let everyone know that we made it back in one piece.

Maui was absolutely amazing.  We didn’t want to leave, but real life beckoned.  Thus, we are back and hard at work trying to catch up.

Somehow when we were gone, all of our flowers and herbs died and our lawn was taken over by weeds and crabgrass.  The house is still a wreck from having 50 people over Sunday after the wedding (namely the floors are disgusting).  We have piles of laundry and the office is full of all those gifts everyone was so kind to give us.  Hooo boy… thank you cards…

The travel day was exceptionally long.  Story to come.  This morning was also a little rough on me as my body still on Maui time, which meant my alarm went off at 3am.

But all things being equal, it is still very nice to come home.  Now, we get to get on with our normal lives and don’t have to think wedding 24×7.

I will get pictures of everything posted asap.  And speaking of pictures I know there were more of you who took photos at the wedding/reception who still need to post them to the flickr account. (View the pics that have been uploaded here: Please email me if you need the login information.

It’s nice and cool outside and football is 4 days away.  LIFE IS GOOD!

We Made It

On the LanaiAfter some, shall we say minor travel difficulties we have arrived at our destination.  Upon arrival, the Westin attempted to screw us, but Jess lubricated the way and got us just what we needed.

Now?  Heaven.

Last night was an amazing dinner on the beach watching the sun set.  Today I have a surprise for Jess at noon, and another awesome dinner paid for by some of our friends.  The decompression has begun!

Ahhhhh…. Maui.

Someone Call Delta IT Stat

I’m typing this out on my iPhone in airplane mode for posting later but wanted to get this down.

Delta needs better IT guys. See, we roll into our plane to take us to Maui and I am exceptionally excited to see the seat back screen entertainment system. I’ve never been on a plane with them before. How sweet! TV, movies, games, music. A veritable cornucopia of entertainment choices, and me with 6 hours to play with it all!

Not so fast, smart guy. While we can navigate menus and see everything that’s available, the minute you choose anything the damn thing locks up then goes through the entire reboot process. A process that takes over 5 full minutes, by the way.

So, we get nothing. But wait, it gets better. Not all seats are having the problems. In fact, there are at least 5 people I can see from my seat enjoying all the goodness to be had. A few watching Kung-fu Panda or Ironman. One lady is already onto her second chick flick. I’m sorry but that friggin sucks. Yeah, I know it’s a minor deal in the grand scheme of things, but still… To sit here trapped and teased is torture. Some people with working screens are even choosing to not use them! I think that in the interest of fairness they would turn them all off. I could deal with all of them being down better than just mine.

So while Jess snoozes I’m banging out a blog post. Hillman, this thing is running Red Hat Linux, and part of me can’t help but think you could troubleshoot this thing. Maybe I overestimate your skills but at this point I’m desperate. We have 4 more hours of time to kill! Even though I know it doesn’t work like this, I’m holding out hope it will somehow magically fix itself.

Thank god for the iPhone.

Bad news

The allergies that I had been fighting all week, have given way to something else. Something worse. The last possible thing you want when going with your boys to Vegas.

A Cold.

I’m stuffed up, tired, but worst of all, coughing. Bad.

If this were a normal day, I would not be going to work. Instead, I’m going to Las Vegas. If there is anything worse than being sick, it’s traveling and being sick. And, if there is anything worse than traveling and being sick, it’s traveling to Vegas while being sick. I’m so pissed right now.

Wish me luck. I need a different kind this time around.

Guys, I’m stating for the record right now, I want a ‘do-over’ next spring… *sigh* *cough cough* *sniff*

Vegas Evolution

Las VegasI love Las Vegas. In fact, I’m heading there again with my groomsmen tomorrow for a long weekend of male bonding time. This will be my 10th trip to Vegas in my 13 years of being “of age”. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go down there. One thing you can be sure of, is that every time you go, it will be different. There will be new and amazing sites and old familiar ones will be gone. It’s just the way Las Vegas is.

There have been changes in Las Vegas that have been for the better, but there are also ones that have been for the worse (at least in my eyes). And, in honor of my trip this weekend, I would like to detail some of these out for you.

First the changes that I really like, in no particular order.

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