Aaaaaand We’re Back

I suppose I should post something here to let everyone know that we made it back in one piece.

Maui was absolutely amazing. We didn’t want to leave, but real life beckoned. Thus, we are back and hard at work trying to catch up.

Somehow when we were gone, all of our flowers and herbs died and our lawn was taken over by weeds and crabgrass. The house is still a wreck from having 50 people over Sunday after the wedding (namely the floors are disgusting). We have piles of laundry and the office is full of all those gifts everyone was so kind to give us. Hooo boy… thank you cards…

The travel day was exceptionally long. Story to come. This morning was also a little rough on me as my body still on Maui time, which meant my alarm went off at 3am.

But all things being equal, it is still very nice to come home. Now, we get to get on with our normal lives and don’t have to think wedding 24×7.

I will get pictures of everything posted asap. And speaking of pictures I know there were more of you who took photos at the wedding/reception who still need to post them to the flickr account. (View the pics that have been uploaded here: Please email me if you need the login information.

It’s nice and cool outside and football is 4 days away. LIFE IS GOOD!

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