Someone Call Delta IT Stat

I’m typing this out on my iPhone in airplane mode for posting later but wanted to get this down.

Delta needs better IT guys. See, we roll into our plane to take us to Maui and I am exceptionally excited to see the seat back screen entertainment system. I’ve never been on a plane with them before. How sweet! TV, movies, games, music. A veritable cornucopia of entertainment choices, and me with 6 hours to play with it all!

Not so fast, smart guy. While we can navigate menus and see everything that’s available, the minute you choose anything the damn thing locks up then goes through the entire reboot process. A process that takes over 5 full minutes, by the way.

So, we get nothing. But wait, it gets better. Not all seats are having the problems. In fact, there are at least 5 people I can see from my seat enjoying all the goodness to be had. A few watching Kung-fu Panda or Ironman. One lady is already onto her second chick flick. I’m sorry but that friggin sucks. Yeah, I know it’s a minor deal in the grand scheme of things, but still… To sit here trapped and teased is torture. Some people with working screens are even choosing to not use them! I think that in the interest of fairness they would turn them all off. I could deal with all of them being down better than just mine.

So while Jess snoozes I’m banging out a blog post. Hillman, this thing is running Red Hat Linux, and part of me can’t help but think you could troubleshoot this thing. Maybe I overestimate your skills but at this point I’m desperate. We have 4 more hours of time to kill! Even though I know it doesn’t work like this, I’m holding out hope it will somehow magically fix itself.

Thank god for the iPhone.

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