Wirestone – Year 1

Wirestone LogoIncredible.  In the middle of everything else, today marks my one year anniversary with “The Greatest Company In The Worldâ„¢”, Wirestone.

I have to say, this past 365 days have been far and away the most rewarding of my professional career.  It is remarkable to work for a place that you would bend over backwards for because you feel that they would bend over backwards for you.  I have worked 15 hour days and 70 hour weeks.  And I would do it again, if that’s what was asked.  I am not alone in this assessment either.  Just recently, some friends worked an entire night to get a project done.  That’s dedication, brother.

The thing is, they make you feel appreciated.  That your work is important, and in turn, that makes you want to bust your ass.  Especially coming from Hewlett Packard, where the idea of “employee worth” was thrown out the window YEARS ago.  It doesn’t take only pay or perks, although important.  It takes gratitude.  A feeling of self worth.  Wirestone has got that down in spades.  This comes from having amazing people who are engaged and excited from the top all the way down.

There is an interesting phenomenon here.  There have been a multiple people who have left Wirestone, seeking greener pastures, only to come sprinting back once they see how other places are run.  Sometimes, within the same week.  The only explanation I can give is that people who have been here awhile can forget just how good we have it, and going somewhere else brings that fact into stark reality.  I, having spent 8 grueling years at the declining HP, have no such delusions.  I know there is no other place I’d rather be than here.  (which makes me work all the harder).

Here is the email that my direct manager Mike sent to the whole Boise office this morning:

Jason Haberman is 1 stoner-year-old today.

Its hard to believe he’s been at Wirestone a whole year already, and equally hard to imagine how we got along without him.  Anyone who has had the chance to work with Jason knows about his great work ethic, dependability, attitude, and incredible hot metal skilz. These positive traits, plus many others are what keep Jason in high demand – to the point where I get requests from other offices for him by name.

Thanks for being part of our team Jason, and good luck with your wedding!


It has absolutely been my pleasure.

And after a week in Maui, I’ll come back charged up enough to take on the world.

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