Creeping Civilization

Slowly but surely, everything is starting to come together… and don’t call me Shirley.

In the past week, we’ve had the new refrigerator delivered as well as the washer/dryer.  More importantly, we also got internet access set up.  That all happened last Monday.

We spent the rest of the week, unpacking some boxes, moving still more random crap from the old house, and fighting off exhaustion.  We had to spend the entire week without TV because the builder was going to run more coax cable for our DVR’s for free.  If DirecTV did it, they would charge $75 an hour.  So, that was a no-brainer.  But, with the way schedules worked out, DTV couldn’t come until this past Saturday.

I spent the entire morning hanging around the house while the guy did his thing.  From 9am to 1pm.  But, he finally finished and we were back with TV again.  Hallelujah!

Jess equated living without satellite/cable to living in those days before remote control. We were able to watch DVD’s but that was like having only a single channel.  And, if  ayou wanted something else, you had to physically get up, make a decision as to which DVD to throw in, then make that happen.  Lots of work when all you want to do is  shut down the engines and veg out.

Speaking of TV, supposedly the builder’s cabinet guy is coming out today to install the net A/V cabinet in the living room and finally fill in that ugly hole.  However, nether Jess nor I are all that confident that he’ll show.  We have not hear word one from anyone concerning this.  Even so, old Goldy girl is locked into the bedroom just in case.  I’ll let you know if it actually happens or not.

This past holiday weekend, we FINALLY got the rest of the stuff out of the old house.  It is completely empty.  It was cleaned last Thursday and we’ve got the carpet cleaners coming this Thursday.  Should be all ready for the renter to move in June 1.

Of course, we still have the storage unit to deal with, and not to mention the garage FULL of boxes.  *sigh*

One other thing we crossed off this past week is we got Jess her new lawn mower.  She was quite excited, so while I cooked up steaks and mashers, she was mowing the lawn with her new “personal pace” Toro mower.

On the wedding front, we have made progress there.  We have gotten the invites all bought and everything.  A friend of Jess’ is going to address them since apparently she has good handwriting.  Fine by me, means I don’t have to do it.

We also got registered yesterday.  We’re not totally done, but we spent about 5 hours at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Macy’s wasn’t that much fun, because we spent the time trying to figure out what the hell we wanted… specifically in terms of design type stuff.  Towels and sheets and that sorta thing.  That was NOT fun.  Making all those decisions was tough.  But, I suppose we can always return stuff, right?  Not to mention that all that crap is wicked expensive.  We both felt way guilty scanning some of that stuff.  But, as Jess said, nobody says they gotta buy it, right?

Bed, Bath & Beyond was a lot more fun.  That was picking out all of the cooking stuff I want.  That was the stuff I really care about.  Spoons and spatulas and pans and whatnot.  Good times.

We still have to register for more stuff… I don’t think we have enough on there to give our guests the variety to choose from.   The paperwork we got from Macy’s told us that for the number of people we’re inviting, we should have upwards of 250 items at various price points on our register.  Gaaa!  When we left Macy’s we 48 items.  Needless to say, we have some work left.

Scoreboard time…  Old house empty.  Storage unit still full.  Kitchen stuff mostly unpacked at new house.  Most everything else still partially or mostly in boxes.  We officially have TOO MUCH CRAP.  Hopefully cabinets done today.  Re-grouting still needs to happen on the master shower.  Some other various little fixes need to happen too.  We still haven’t met the “community director” lady to get our pool keys and whatnot.  We also got to buy a bunch of stuff for the house, area rugs and runners, water softener, shelving for the garage, a garage fridge/freezer, decorations for walls, blah blah blah blah.  It is never ending.  Wedding wise, locale and time is set. Menu is finalized.  Photographer is locked in.  Invites are done and ready to be sent. Dresses and Tuxes are done.  Honeymoon is all squared away. Registering is well on its way.  Flower meeting this week. Cake decisions still gotta happen.  We still need an officiant (yikes).  Working on decoration stuff now.  Excuse me, I need a nap…

We just keep plugging away.  Maybe someday we can actually get the place whipped into some sort of shape and put together a decent wedding…

Stay tuned.

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  1. Yes… as Jess mentioned to me last night… this does read pretty blandly. With all the scintillation of a post-action military report.

    It’s all the creativity I can muster at the moment. Sorry.

    I shall get back to my old self… eventually.

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