Luxury Camping

That is the best way I could describe this past weekend in the new house.  Luxury camping.  Lemme explain…

We spent Saturday morning until about 12 moving with the movers.  Sure, they did the lion’s share of the heavy lifting, but there was still more than enough to go around.  Once we got to the new house, it was time to at least make an attempt to unpack some boxes.   That was pleasantly interrupted by various friends and family who stopped by to check out the new digs.  We gave numerous guided tours of the place and even got some beers and flowers delivered to us, both of which were greatly appreciated.

But once everyone had come and gone, the house was pretty quiet.  We had the iPod playing but we soon realized there wasn’t much else to do.  We were both physically and mentally shot.  Total exhaustion.  But, we couldn’t flip on the tube and veg out.  (No cable/satellite)   We couldn’t jump online and read email. (No internet) We couldn’t cook any dinner since we hadn’t unpacked any of the kitchen yet.  We couldn’t even have any cold drinks since we didn’t have a refrigerator either.   Seriously, it was just like camping, except we were in a beautiful house and both completely exhausted.

So, our Realtor Sharon (bless her heart) bought us pizzas for Saturday night, so I went to pick them up, and fill the cooler with some beers and ice.  When I got home, I dug out a DVD player and connected it to the TV, if only to provide a little distraction.   It wasn’t long before we both got a little droopy eyed and we decided we wanted to watch TV in bed.  So, we lugged the 42″ tv into the bedroom (the other TV is still back at the house mounted on the wall) and watched another movie in bed.

Sunday morning was very quiet.  Since the TV was still in the bedroom, when I got up I went  out to get the paper and read it in silence in the living room (I didn’t want to wake Jess).  I enjoyed a piece of pizza and a pepsi  (breakfast of champions).  Jess got up shortly there after, and we both just kinda lounged around unable to actually generate any energy to do anything.  But, since the day wasn’t getting any longer, we decided we’d better hit it.  One trip up to the Boise house to load up her car with a bunch of crap the movers didn’t take… ie. stuff not in boxes (which there was a lot of).  We also ran a few errands to pick up a few essentials here and there, including another trip to the house to load up.

We went to The Ram for dinner and it was nice to have a decent meal and to sit and relax.  Not only that, we were able to watch a little TV, which was nice.

Goldy has held up like a champ.  She spent Friday night at Jess’ parents house, but they brought her over on Saturday.  She spent a lot of  time wandering around exploring the new house, but she seems very happy.  I think having no stairs to deal with is huge.

Jess is staying home from work today to get stuff done on the house.  There are tons of workmen coming by today, running cabling, setting up the internet, setting up the telephone service, delivering appliances (WE’LL FINALLY HAVE A FRIDGE!) so on and so forth.  I feel guilty not being there to help, but I have limited time off and gotta save it up for the honeymoon.

From here on in, we still have a lot to do.  There is still stuff at the old house that’s gotta be moved.  My storage unit, couch, dining room table and chairs, queen bed, etc, still needs to be emptied.  Then its on to boxes.  Endless piles of boxes.

Anyway, I’d better wrap this up.  I’ll undoubtedly write more on the house later.  We’re DEFINITELY going to be there a while.

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  1. Now is the part that I REALLY hate about moving. I can handle throwing things in to boxes and even all the heavy lifting and carting around but the unpacking is pure hell to me. Especially because it isn’t something someone can really help too much with because either way you have to figure out where to put it. Ugh, hate it. Good luck guys! It truly is a gorgeous house.

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