Happy Halloween

I’m spending today watching football and packing for Vegas, so I don’t have a chance to properly recognize Halloween. We won’t be back in town until Halloween afternoon, but I wanted to say a little something about the season…

Jess refers to Halloween as the start of the “Eating Season” which lasts from now until Valentines Day. I hadn’t thought of it, but she’s right. Halloween candy, thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie, Christmas gorging, super bowl parties, and Valentines candy. By the looks of it, we’re looking at a couple of hundred thousand extra calories. God, isn’t it glorious?

Please read my Halloween thoughts from last year (And the silken sad uncertain rustling…) I talked about childhood, costumes, trick-or-treating and candy. It still stands up. However, the Simpsons clips have been removed from Youtube. Lot can happen in a year…

And just because, here are some huge images of my Boise State pumpkin from 2004. Pic 1, Pic 2.

If you don’t hear from me from Las Vegas, you’ll hear from me after.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

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