Pai Gow Adventure

Greetings from beautiful Las Vegas!

Yesterday, when Jess was in meetings I decided to go play some pai gow.  For those that don’t know, pai gow is a pretty simple and very fun game.  The basic premise is each player and the dealer is dealt 7 cards, and your job is to make the best 2 poker hands you can, a 5 card hand and a 2 card hand.  The only rule is that your 5 card hand must beat your 2 card hand. (full wiki here).  To win, both of your hands must beat the dealers 2 hands.  To lose, both must be lower than the dealers.  If you split, you push and get your money back.  Very simple.

Anyway, yesterday I played for about 2 hours and did pretty well.  I ended up about 40 bucks and got a couple of beers out of the deal.  I was up almost $100 at one point, but hit a cold streak before I picked up.

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