Boise State and Nevada… Whoa.

On Saturday morning I actually wrote the following words about the San Jose v. Hawaii game:

There was one positive side effect of this game for me. I honestly think that Boise State will not have much of a problem with Hawaii when they meet. I don’t even care that it’s on the islands. Hawaii will not have played a team that is even CLOSE to Boise State in terms of quality. Our defense is down right scary right now. I think the Warriors are in for a surprise with what team shows up November 23rd. Boise State certainly isn’t the same team that lost at Washington. Our strengths, quality running game and stout defense, are the exact ingredients in the recipe on how to handle Hawaii.

Allow me to just say, um… yeah… forget all that.

If you haven’t heard, you can read about what happened in the wildest game I have seen in Bronco Stadium, probably ever. I’m going to give you a slightly less balanced view.

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