Idaho State Capitol Rededication

Great Seal of the State of IdahoThis past weekend the Idaho State Capitol building was reopened to the public following 3 years of construction.  Jess wanted to go but I wasn’t too sure… then she mentioned that I could shoot pictures and that sealed it.  Not only was I in, I was excited to go!

So, we rounded up the parents (both sets wanted to go) and headed down there Saturday morning.  I’m no expert on what all they did during the construction, but I do know that they added two wings that are underground with skylights which were pretty cool.  They did an amazing job matching up all of the marble as well.  Go to the for more on that front.

I mainly just wanted to take photos, so that’s what I did.  Here are my favorites.  You can also go to the entire set to view more than what is here.  Also, I would like to add that you really should click on each image to view it larger.  Some of them really benefit from being viewed bigger.  Thanks and enjoy!

This is the first picture I took that day.  Might be my favorite…

Idaho State Capitol Rededication

Two cheapo flags, held by me. Just playing around.
Idaho Capitol Rededication

The National Anthem… I wish I could have gotten a little closer to the 2 servicemen, with everything in the background.  But I still like this shot.
National Anthem

Straight up through the dome.  This almost looks like something out of 2001 A Space Odyssey or something.
Under the Dome

Idaho Capitol Rotunda

Zoomed on the dome a bit more… removing the lights gave a much “cooler” blue feel.
The Dome

Idaho Capitol Rotunda

Visitors gazing up to the dome.
Looking Up the Dome

Capitol Reflections

There you go, hope you enjoyed.  Like I said, there are more images in the Flickr set.  Go there now.

As a side photography note, I have a bunch of really good photos from the Christmas holiday that I have yet to share.  I know Christmas feels like a couple months ago at this point, but hopefully I’ll post them soon.

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