And Still Counting…

So, upon reaching both of the AT&T stores here in town and finding rather long lines out the door, I’m going to have to wait a little longer for my desired iPhone.

I really want one, but I don’t want one bad enough to stand in line with some of those guys. Can’t do it.

The new plan is to head over to the store at like 11 and hopefully find the line diminished. If the line was like 10 people, I would wait in that one. I ain’t waiting in a line of 150-200 people. No dice.

Stay tuned.

Update – 11:51 am.

I went by the nearest AT&T store at lunch and was surprised to find there was no line. Hmmmm. So, I walked in and was able to talk to someone. Of course, I found out why there was no line… they were sold out. Doh. So, instead of waiting for the next shipment and trying to scramble down there and get my grubby little fingers on one, the sales guy told me I could do a “Direct Fulfillment Order.” What this basically means is that I have paid for one and one iPhone will be specifically shipped to the store with my name on it. All reserved for me. It’s like a pre-order, but after the item has been released.

The guy mentioned that it could be there as soon as tomorrow, but that may have been bullshit just to make me happy. Let’s say, I’m betting it will be Monday. But who knows?

Bummer. Oh well.

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