Wedding Home Stretch

We’ve rounded the final turn and are heading down the home stretch.  A mere 2 and a half weeks until it’s go time.

All of the major pieces are done, and many have been for awhile.  Now is the time for little detail stuff.  That stuff which could be successfully postponed 3 months ago, can’t be procrastinated any longer.  For example, Jess and I decorated 75 candle holders for tables (there will be more than one per table, fyi).  Other things such as fitting for tuxes and Jess getting her makeup and hair choices squared away.  No, I didn’t know women do that, and I’ve been here before… go figure.

Luckily, I put my foot down about one single thing for this wedding.  We are not doing any sort of “wedding favors”.  You know, that stupid shit that people give you when you attend their wedding, that you don’t want to carry around anyway… We’re not doing it.  You know why?  It’s because NOBODY ACTUALLY WANTS THAT CRAP.  You know what happens is you spend 3 weeks and untold hundreds of dollars assembling these little plants, or some stupid little token, or whatever, and 80% of the people either throw it away immediately or just leave it at the reception.  Another 15% put it somewhere in their house, only to lose it and end up throwing it away a year later.  5% may actually find a use for whatever lame ass thing you gave them, but even then, it’s a marginal use.  As I told Jess, I guarantee you, if we have no favors not a single person will leave the wedding saying, “I can’t believe they didn’t give us anything!”  Hell, you’re getting a night out, excellent grub (all you can eat), including a very good cake for dessert, free beer and wine (all you can drink), and chances are this thing will be filled with at least a few of your friends and/or family.   It will be the party of the year.  What, that’s not enough for you!?

Let’s see… what else… We’ve gotten our rings squared away.  Mom has made us some runners for tables.  We’ve tasted cakes and food.   Today we meet with the DJ.  Still gotta get the license, however.

The thing is, as crazy as it has been for me, it’s gotta be 50x crazier for Jess.  She is a whirlwind.  My brain would have long since turned to tapioca had I been the lead on this whole production.  Do me a favor, next time you see her, tell her she’s doing a terrific job and it will all be worth it, and more importantly, it will be over soon.

We are also approaching the stage in which I am going to be careful bordering on paranoid to avoid getting sick.  We’re talking vigorous hand scrubbings,  portable hand sanitizers, avoiding handshakes (in favor of fist bumps if necessary) and stocking up on the Vitamin C.  If the previous last thing I wanted to do was to be sick in Las Vegas, the REAL last thing I want to do is to be sick for the wedding day and/or a week in Hawaii.  I will do everything in my power to keep that from happening.

Let me tell you… Maui is going to be a legitimate vacation.  Not a quick getaway.  No sporting events to attend.  No friends or family to visit.  Nothing but beach lounging (under shade, of course) and tropical drinks.   I see now why people go on honeymoons.  You need that time to relax and recharge.

Ok… I’ve got Maui on my brain and don’t feel like writing any more about what we still have left to do.  Suffice it to say, we’re going to be a little haried until we step onto that plane bound for the garden isle August 18th.