Bronco Hall of Fame Contribution

There is a blog that I visit with some regularity called One Bronco Nation Under God, or for short. They, as you might guess, are all things Boise State football. To which, I have a slight affinity.

Anyway, I was asked by the guys over there to contribute to their little ongoing feature called the OBNUG Hall of Fame. I could nominate any player/performance I wished. After some deliberation, I finally settled on my candidate and selected the best performance I ever witnessed live (aside from the Fiesta Bowl).

You can read (and vote) here.

Thanks again for the opportunity guys!

For anyone who might be visiting me for the first time from that site, feel free to peruse my Boise State posts.

Some of my favorites:

3 Replies to “Bronco Hall of Fame Contribution”

  1. Good choice by you. Not everyone remembers that game and what Dinwiddie did. He had a great mastery of Fresno that game. It was one of the better Bronco moments. Have you ever gone back to the archives and read about the Bronco game played the day you were born?

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