Four More Inches

When did Boise become Buffalo? Woke up this morning to find 4 more inches of snow on the ground. And, according to the newspaper, more is on the way. I gotta tell you, I am SERIOUSLY tired of it. We haven’t seen this much snow in forever. Get this, I actually made the comment to Jess upon the first snow of the season falling, “I like shoveling snow.” Wow. Let’s just say, I’ve definitely had my fill this year.

All I keep telling myself, only 194 more days until Maui.

Today is National Letter of Intent day for college football. Kinda like the NFL draft but for 119 D-1 football teams. I always find it interesting to see who Boise State is recruiting, who we get and who we lose. Especially interesting since this is the first real post-Fiesta Bowl recruiting class. We’ll be seeing these kids for the next 4 (or 5) years. Who knows what they will accomplish. Speaking of letter of intent day, read this article about a kid who committed to Cal, except for the fact they never recruited him. Very odd.

Update, here is a follow up article.

That’s all for now. I may have some comments about our recruiting class once it’s all said and done. Other than that, I’ll just be bitching and moaning about more snow.

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  1. I just finished shoveling. Yep it is getting a bit tedious. Piles on the side of the driveway are now over 2.5 feet and growing.

    The guys who finally sign should be an interesting bunch. We will read about them for years, I hope.

  2. You know I specifically recall early in the winter season either a conversation or maybe even a blog post where you were ranting about how it used to snow so much when we were kids and how you wished it would now…we’ll here ya go! I blame you for this wintery mess…or Punxsutawney Phil..stupid groundhog!

    On the brighter side, I rather have this a hundred times over than one of those stinkin’ inversions. Those suck my will to live.

    194 more days baby!

  3. “Whoi-YA!! We’re on an island in da sun!!”

    You all can blame ME. That’s right! This guy right here! (Both thumbs pointing) Me. Me me me me ME!!!
    Jocele asked me what I wanted for Xmas, and I said, “I want a white xmas and a real winter! No more damn inversions, I want SNOW dammit!”

    I am tired of brown and gray winters. I am tired of those terrible inversions with 20 degrees at night and 22 degrees during the day.

    And man up, buck-o. You don’t have a long driveway. Think of it as cardio for work off some of that feeding season we have all enjoyed.

    More comin’ this weekend!

  4. I’m totally with George on this one….I LOVE the snow…nowhere near tired of it yet. And I’M 8 months pregnant shoveling a three-car wide driveway….you don’t hear ME sniveling about it….. 🙂

    It’s so much better than an inversion….give me snow any day.

  5. Snow – what’s that???? We haven’t had a good snow fall since Nov-Dec. Of course it’s still on the ground since then. Fat chance of it melting when it’s been below zero most of the time!

  6. I do think that if this keeps up we definitely need a snow thrower and a tractor with a plow attachment. I’ll start pricing them out, ‘k?

  7. I’m with you! I’m HATING the white stuff this year. And we might as well have an inversion. From where I sit at work, I have counted 2 days this week that I have actually seen a glimpse of the sun. Every other day it has been gray sky and cold as heck. I can’t wait for Spring this year!

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