Snow Casualty

We had our first snow casualty this past weekend.

IMG_2037.JPG The 3 year old canopy that is on our back patio. The snow had built up and built up over the past few weeks. All you locals know how much it has been snowing. Well, the design of the canopy was that it was a 4 cornered structure with a canvas top. But, with a lot of snow, the canvas has sagged. There are eyelets to let the water out, but unfortunately, they’ve been frozen over for months. So, even when the sun did periodically poke out, it would melt the top of the snow/ice caught in the canvas, but it wouldn’t ever go anywhere since the holes were frozen over. Thus, it just refroze and built up more.

What resulted was a catastrophic failure on the south side (ie. the one that gets the most sun and was probably the weakest). All along the frame, it ripped. I, in my infinite wisdom, tried to press on the remaining canvas to remove some of the weight of snow and ice that was still on it, when the whole side gave way and dumped said snow and ice directly on my head. I tried to remove the weight from the other sides, and noticed other smaller rips. Pressing on the snow, I would have to estimate that each side probably has about 40 to 50 lbs. (if not more) of snow and ice on them. Pushing up on the panels simply lifts the ice, but doesn’t get it high enough to fall off, and besides, its all still frozen to the canvas. Pushing with any real force at all to remove the ice, rips more holes in the canvas. It’s a no win situation. The thing will definitely need to be replaced this spring.

IMG_2034.JPG IMG_2033.JPG

Jess is mortified, saying it looks like we’re total white trash. Of course, she said that not 5 minutes after it ripped. To my way of thinking, this is not WT. White trash would be if we left it there for another 3 years. Maybe patched it up with duct tape. Besides, it’s in the back yard, so no one really sees it anyway. Come the thaw, we’ll get something new.

In other news, we went out for real BBQ last weekend. It appears the Eagle Rib Shack (which definitely has the best BBQ in the state) has opened a new location. This one in Meridian called Andrew’s Rib Shack. Exact same menu, but far more space for tables. So, Jess and I hopped in the car and headed out there.

Upon walking in the door, while we were trying to decide what to get, they just gave us a rib. I immediately remembered why I love that place. She got an order of burnt ends and I got a rib plate with the AWESOME “smashed potatoes”. It was heaven.


Me, mid rib. Watch your hands folks, don’t get to close.

IMG_2024.JPG Well, until we found a little slice of hell in a bottle. There are 6 sauces on every table. The standards… Texas, KC, Carolina, etc. Well, one was just labeled “#7 Hot”. Hmmm… I like hot stuff. I grabbed one chunk of Jess’ burnt ends and slathered some of this sauce on it. Good flavor… nice heat… hmmm… uh… wait… whoa!.. this is getting HOT… WOO… BREATHING FIRE… SWEATING… BEER NOT HELPING… PAIN… This went on for maybe 15 minutes. I maybe had a half teaspoon on the meat too. Amazing stuff. Unfortunately, before the heat really kicked in I convinced Jess to try some. She took a lot less than I did, but was none to pleased when the heat kicked in for me… then her. We were sweating like whores in church. Nice endorphin rush, though. As stupid as it sounds, I would eat more of it…

Jess and I have been working out lately. A couple months ago, I joined her with a membership to Gold’s Gym. It’s pretty convenient to home and we’re going regularly. You know, do a little cardio. Anyway, I have one bone to pick. The parking lot is usually packed when we go after work. But worse than that, the lot is full of thes gigantic pickups and SUV’s. Every single one of these rigs almost always ends up taking 2 parking spots. I call these douchebag owners the ultimate “small-penis” club. I mean seriously. What are you compensating for that you not only need the biggest Ford F-950 or whatever, but you know that these are the same assholes who are pumping iron like mad in the gym. You all know the type. Shaved head, tank top (or no shirt), weight belt on, barbwire tattoo around their freakishly large biceps. Spending 5 hours a night in the gym, getting huge and flexing in the mirrors. *sigh* All I wanna do is find a parking space.

Just one more observation. We went to the Boise State vs. Idaho basketball game on Saturday with a few of her Idaho friends. Boise State ended up winning a pretty ugly game. However, that makes 14 straight for the men’s basketball team over Idaho. Playing twice a season, we’re talking 7 straight years. Couple that with football, in which the Boise State win streak hit 9 straight games this past fall… hell, you can even toss in women’s basketball which is riding a 5 game winning streak. Add those 3 biggest sports on any college campus together, and Boise State has won 28 straight games against Idaho. TWENTY EIGHT! That is insane. I doubt there is a rivalry in the country that could boast that. Amazing.

And, just cause, he’s Goldy chillin on the loveseat.


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