Engagement Update

By my calculations Jess and I have been engaged for exactly 91 hours as of this writing.

In that time, I believe we, by which I mean mostly ‘she’, have nailed down a date, venue, and a caterer. Bing bang boom.

How is that for efficiency?

Not going to release that information until its a little more solid, but I believe we have made up our minds.

The rest is details.

More to come…

3 Replies to “Engagement Update”

  1. 2 things.

    1.) You know the old saying… The devil is in the details.

    2.) It may be ‘only’ 91 hours after the event, but wedding arrangements/thoughts/plans are always lurking in the back of minds and around corners.

  2. Hot damn, that’s how it’s done. Atta girl. If she’s anything like I was this thing has been in her mind, oh since about 6 years old.

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