My Dogs Is Barkin

My dogs have been barking lately. My feet have seemed to be getting sore and tired quickly. This has been going on for the past few years and has been getting worse. I first noticed such things when playing a round of golf or while walking for hours on end along the Las Vegas Strip.

Finally, I decided to see the podiatrist.

After a quick x-ray, the doc came into the room. He poked and proded at my tootsies then tooka peek at the x-ray. It didn’t take him long to tell me what was going on.

The back part of my arch (near the heel) has the beginnings of a high arch. but, the middle of my foot, the joints near the top, are failing. This leads to my arch collapsing. Damn worthless arches, can’t do their friggin jobs. Actually, what this is, he said, is the beginning of arthritis. OH GOODIE! Basically, the joints aren’t strong enough and are flexing under the weight.

So, he thinks that a good orthotic shoe insert will be what is required to solve my problems. If you think that doesn’t make me feel about 60 years old, you’d be wrong. In order to test to see if that is what will help my problem, they taped my feet. Rather interesting. They taped up the arch and around the heel to keep my foot from being able to flex. The tape is supposed to last between 4 and 7 days, and although it has only been a day, I can already tell a difference.

I guess this tells me that the inserts are what I will need. Unfortunately, he said that often times, insurance will refuse to pay for them. I’m going to have to check with them to see what they will conver and what they won’t. I go back in a week to the doc, and if the tape worked (which it apparently has) he’ll form my feet for the orthotics. *sigh*

Combine that with the crown I’m supposed to get on my molar, I seriously think I must be about 50 actual years old. I’ve been working out. Trying to eat right. At least I can take some solice in the fact that my current issues are not brought on somehow by my negligence. Oh well.

I guess this just means I’m about 2 years away from the sports car, right?