Happy (belated) Birthday, JasonHaberman.com

birthday_spanking.jpgI can’t believe I missed marking the milestone. We were officially 1 year old on April 24th. Notice I said “we” like this is some huge operation? Kinda like Homer Simpson’s web business CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet. Anyway, On the 24th of April, I was still mired in my “without a PC” phase. Thus, the occasion wasn’t properly marked. So, lets make with the birthday spankings!

We’ll call this the baker’s birthday. 13 months. Kinda like the baker’s dozen, only different.

Just a few statistics to throw your way.

  • 166 total posts by me
  • 357 comments by you people
  • I average about 15 to 20 unique visitors a day (granted, I know most of those visitors personally, but that’s ok)

I have really enjoyed having an outlet for my creative juices. Although, I don’t know how creative it is to bitch about sports and TV, but whatever.

There is one thing that has not been so fun about this blog. The only thing, really.

Battling Spam.

You know spam. If you have been on the Internet for more than 37 seconds, I guarantee you have become personally acquainted with the vile stuff. On this blog, I have battled tooth and nail against it. “But, I’ve seen no spam on your site!” you may exclaim. You would be correct, but behind the scenes, it has been a different story. Continue reading “Happy (belated) Birthday, JasonHaberman.com”