Game On!

In the immortal words of George Costanza, “I’m back, Baby!”

That’s right. I’m taking this opportunity to officially declare myself re-eligible for the draft. No more nursing the bruised emotions on the sideline. No more standing around watching the game. Strap on a helmet, get in there and hurt somebody for christ’s sake. A former first round pick who was selected by a team where he was playing out of position, he was given his outright release and has now cleared waivers. Now, being a free agent, I’m looking to ply my trade with a new team. My agent tells me that I still have a lot of game to offer the right team.

Sorry… For those of you not down with football analogies, I am ready to begin getting on with my life. Yes, specifically speaking, that means dating again. Fall is coming and it is the best time of year… hands down. So, why spend it alone?

Granted, I’m not looking to get married tomorrow. But there is nothing that says I can’t go meet some people and see what happens. So, I guess if anyone out there knows any terrific single women, let me know. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I guess it makes sense to start looking anyway.

I’ve had the ad on for a couple weeks now, and have gotten a couple responses. As a matter of fact, I have spoken to one on the phone and we are actually going to meet for a drink Wednesday evening.

Of course, this brings up an interesting situation. How exactly do I handle all this with the blog? I mean, I would expect any woman worth her salt would be smart enough to google me. When she does, this blog is the first result. Not that I really have anything to hide. The past is the past. I can’t change it. I can’t hide it. However, it does make me wonder how to handle blogging about any future activities. Perhaps I’ll have to be a little more guarded in what I write about. I mean, if she could get a complete post-mortem of every date here, that could be a bit awkward.

Wow…Talk about dating in the 21st century… Didn’t think I’d be here, but what can ya do? Like was said in Risky Business, “sometimes you just gotta say, what the fuck.”

I’ll be interested to see what happens. I’m sure you will too.

9 Replies to “Game On!”

  1. Yee Haw! Back in the saddle again! Congrats! Your blog is real life, this isn’t a soap opera and you don’t get to take another shot at the scenes. Good Luck, Jason 🙂

  2. Good for you Jas. It will get easier from here. Unfortunately most of the available gals I know are around 18 and mormon (so in other words, not available for long!)

  3. Gee, Jason. I don’t know… you could try to keep things in the sports analogy. I mean, you don’t have to give any embarrassing details, but maybe a box score?

    You know, passing completion percentage, touchdowns, interceptions. Penalties, penalty yardage. All seems pretty darn applicable to me.

    Think Vince Young type numbers.

    Way to get back in the game!

    J. Haberman: pass 24-26/248, 3 TD/0 INT. rush 8/144

  4. Sure you COULD use sport analogies but then you’re going to have to give your little sister some kind of cheat card or decoder ring. Not all of us were born under the sports sign. But it certainly is an option. btw, I’d like mine color coded too, with maybe a little key for the color coding, ooh and maybe some cute little cartoon images… wait, strike that.

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