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You have to read this column as well. More Sports Guy. This one is the anatomy of a bludgening in Vegas. John, I know you can relate to this one. Personally, I have never been destroyed in Vegas. I guess it is due to my view towards gambling. I don’t look at it as I can win x amount. I look at it like ‘I’m prepared to lose x much’. Of course, that probably dooms me right there, but at least I never get killed. There is too much to do to keep gambling like that.

For example, my bad losses are like this one. Last trip. It’s probably 11:00pm and we’re in the NYNY. I sit down at a $10 pai gow poker table. I’m the only one at the table. Just me and the dealer. For those who have never played pai gow, its very simple. You get 7 cards. You have to make a 5-card poker hand and a 2-card poker hand. The only rule is your 5 card hand has to beat your 2 card hand. Anyway, to win, both of your hands have to beat the dealers 2 hands. To lose, both of them have to lose. If you split (win 1 lose 1) then you push and you get your money back. Needless to say, very often you’re pushing and drinking for free. Anyway, I sat down at the table and got $100 in chips. I proceded to LOSE 6 hands in a row. Right off the bat. I then push one, then lose 2 more. Win one, then lose one again. For those of you scoring at home, I turned a hundred dollar bill into $8 (less drink tip) in about 13 minutes. Absolutely brutal. But, its not like losing $800 or something.

Funny, a $92 vodka tonic didn’t taste as good as I thought it should…

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  1. There is NO way you can lose 6 hands in a ROW at Pai-Gow. I mean, the odds are WAY against it! Push 6 times, sure. Win, not so much but… maybe. LOSE? Out and out lose? I think that might have been the harbinger…

    Was it a machine shuffling or the dealer?!?

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