July 4th Quiz

Just a little post for the 4th of July. Happy Independance Day everyone.

MSNBC.com has a little quiz on their site. I fully believe that the questions on there are things that EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN should know. Period. End of story. No ‘ifs’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’. I’m not saying you have to get 100% on it… personally, I only got 95%. I missed question #20 regarding what is the form to apply for citizenship called. The way I figure it, I have never had a need to know what the form is called, since I’ve been a citizen for my whole life… plus, my mail order bride from Russia hasn’t come in yet.

The only other question that I had to pause on was naming the original 13 states. That was something that we never had to memmorize in school. But, through process of elimination (they make it real easy to eliminate 2 choices right off the bat) it should be fairly easy.

But, take the quiz. Let me know how you score. And, if you score lower than 40%, lie to me and tell me you did better so I can still respect you…

See the quiz

By the way, saw Nacho Libre last night. Fairly funny. Very ‘Napolean Dynamite’ like. Had that same sort of “randomness” feel to it. The way it was written, Jack Black was channeling Napolean many times throughout the film. It was quite absurd in points, but that was the point of it. I doubt this movie is for everyone. I know lots of people who would probably hate it. But being a Jack Black fan, I enjoyed it if for no other reason than to watch him for 90 minutes.

One thing that got me was watching it, I kept thinking, “wow… that really is the best the Penelope Cruz has ever looked.” It wasn’t until I got home and onto IMDB.com that I realized that it WASN’T Penelope Cruz at all. It was a Mexican actress by the name of Ana de la Reguera. I then read that Ebert & Roper made the same mistake I did, but they’re professionals and talked about it on TV, so I don’t feel so bad.

2 Replies to “July 4th Quiz”

  1. I got 90%, but I’m contesting one of the answers…the president–at least our current one–seems to have the “authority” to do whatever the hell he wants, including declare war, in my opinion. The jackass.

  2. Well I scored 100%…but I guessed on the naturalization form after eliminating two. I also guessed on the voting amendment. Hmmm does that make me a good American…or a good guesser? 😉

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