Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

If you’ve visited here before, you’ll notice a different look. I’ve grown quite weary of the old dreary blue look. I kind of equated that look to the general mood I had had when I started this damn thing. Kinda like Picasso’s blue period. Lord knows I’ve written enough bout that.

So, in effort to espouse a new attitude on this thing, I’ve lightened the feel. I’m still playing with it so it may look different often when you come to visit. Hopefully you won’t be confused. I like the layout as it is, so I won’t be making many, if any, changes to it. This is mainly a ‘look and feel’ overhaul.

By the way, the new header image is one of the photographs I took at Tamarack last weekend.

Let me know what you think!

Car Update

Finally got a hold of the last honest mechanic in the valley. He can’t get me in until Friday morning. *sigh* What can ya do? Yes, for the record I’m still driving the damn thing. Roll the dice. Go for the gusto. No guts no glory. Damn the torpedeoes. Etc. Etc.

I’ll just carry extra coolant and a oven mitt. What’s life without a little gambling, right?

Hopefully, it will just be a leaky hose or something. But, I really can’t complain. The car is 10 years old (only 91k miles though) and has pretty much been bullet proof for the 7 years I’ve owned it. *knock on wood*

Site update… I’ve had renewed problems with the database. I’ve lost posts and comments when they for some reason re-restored my site from backup about 48 hours after they did it before. Anyway, I think it has re-solidified. No guarantees, but we’ll see what happens.

More football tomorrow. According to USAToday, BSU is favored by 8. I don’t know if I’d agree with that. Seems a little high. But then again, I would be supremely pleased with another 40 point blow out.

My team here at work is having a potluck tomorrow. Actually, the whole call center is (even though we aren’t even in the same building as the call center anymore, we’re doing it too). They’re calling it a ‘Tailgate Potluck’ for the BSU/OSU game. They’re encouraging everyone to wear their blue and orange, giving out prizes and crap like that. I can say with all sincerity that I have no doubt that I am the biggest bronco fan on our team. Just because I don’t paint my face or wear an orange fright wig doesn’t mean I’m not passionate about it. On the other hand, part of me just hates potlucks. I don’t know why.

Site update… I realize I haven’t written a “feature” piece in a while. Mostly been riding on the everyday minutiae of my rather boring life. That will change. I have a couple of ideas I want to get done.

So keep checking back. There will be more to read, I promise.

It’s back

The blog is back. After some technical difficulties, we are back up and running. Initially there was a scare that this all might be gone into the computer ether, but we’re ok.

Happy labor day everyone. For the record, is there anything worse than waking up absolutely starving, but not having a damn thing to eat in the house? I have some Cheerios, but no milk. I have some aging wheat bread, but nothing to put on it. Perhaps I could whip up the never before seen ‘Cheerio Sandwich’. Were this a normal work day, I would be at work and could hit the cafeteria for something. I really gotta stop watching the Food Network before I go to bed. Last night it was ‘Good Eats’ and he was doing tenderloin. Dear god… I cannot tell you how bad I would like that right now. Tenderloin, that is, not ‘Good Eats’.

In other news, I read this morning that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, was killed by a stingray. He was filming a show called “Ocean’s Deadliest”. Gee, you ain’t kiddin. But honestly, who couldn’t see this coming? I would have bet $1000 that one day, one of those animals would catch up with him. I’m sorta surprised that it didn’t end with a croc chomping down on his head Joe Dirt style. Anyway, I feel sorry for is wife and kids.

In other other news, I’ve discovered something very cool. I have been a netflix subscriber for the past couple years. I love it. I’m not as fast as I used to be watching and returning the movies, but the selection they have is second to none. Plus, anytime I think of a movie I want to see, I can head right out to their site and put it in my queue. Brilliant.

Anyway, I received my latest shipment this past week. It had been at least a month or more since I had last returned movies. So, when I got my movies much quicker than I had before, I was confused. Turns out, Netflix has opened a shipping facility in Boise! Before, we had to send them to Salem OR, which added at least a day each way. Now, I can get a disc turned around in half the time. It is terrific. That will be great for getting the TV serieses on DVD, when they are like 6 discs for a season. You can ship the first disc back, and still be watching one of the ones you still have when the next arrives. Perfect.

I can’t recommend Netflix any higher. They have a free trial, and if you love movies, you should try it.

I’m going to now go forth, foraging for food.  Wish me luck.

Hey you… say hello!

Interesting occurance. I like to peruse my stats for my little blog here often. You can see them if you click on ‘view my stats’ at the bottom of this page. I’ve always really enjoyed stats… wait… I’ve always really enjoyed little bits of information. Stats, as in the college level business math courses, I NEVER enjoyed. As evidenced by the 2 times I had to take both stats 1 and 2. So, I like to know about things.

This morning, I see that there was a google search for me from an IP address in Stamford Connecticut. I don’t think I know anyone in Stamford Connecticut. Someone searched “jason haberman blog boise”. Now, I’ve had other searches for “jason haberman” but never got too excited about those. Apparently, according to google there are many jason habermans out there, which I find quite interesting since I have never met a Haberman that I wasn’t related to, let alone another Jason. Apparently, one is a neuroscientist at UC Davis, one a violinist at Colgate, one plays foosball in California. I just sit on my computer in Idaho. (wouldn’t it be weird if one of them looked exactly like me? Spooky… ) Anyway, I realize that just because the IP originated in Stamford, that doesn’t necessarily mean the person was there as well. Ya see, this here internet isn’t a truck to dump things on. its a series of tubes. But, it is plainly obvious that whoever this was was specifically looking for me. I’m pretty sure there are no other Jason Habermans living in Boise who have a stupid ass blog going. I’ve cornered that market.

I guess what I’m saying is, say hi. If someone I might know has found me, drop me a line. Even if you just want to say hello. I can be hit at jason(at)jasonhaberman(dot)com. (Non clickable since all those damn spiders out there harvesting email addresses would find it and I would get a never ending stream of spam). I always like getting email that doesn’t consist of someone offering me cheap v1iagr@ or LOW LOW MORTGATE RATES. Or, you could always just leave a comment on the site.

So, if you know me, say hi. If you’d like to know me? Say hi. Enjoyed something you read here? Say so. Think I’m a gasseous windbag? I suppose you could tell me so, but just remember that I’m fragile.

On a side note, this is the second time I had to write this post. The first one was eaten by the internet gnomes. Damn shame too, since that one was far superior in every possible way. But, you’ll never know the genius that was that post, you just have to live with this poorly scribed knock off. Such is life.

Boise State Football LotD

In order to get myself geared up as well as share the wealth to anyone who might be interested, I’ve created a new page on this site. On the right you will see a link titled “Boise State Football Link of the Day”. Every day I will post 1 (or maybe more than one if I have them) links to articles I’ve found that mention or are about Boise State football.

It is my one true passion that I have. I figure I spend so much time finding information, I might as well try to get it to someone else who might be interested. I began it Saturday, July 15th. As of this post going live, we’ve got 46 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes and 27 seconds til the season kicks off. Not that I’m counting or anything…
So, visit daily if you want. If you couldn’t care less, ignore it. Simple athat.Go

Go Broncos.


I’ve been working on a new website for AJ’s Angels (see this post). Just wanted to show it off a little… see if anyone had any input at all. Adam and Beth (it’s their foundation) seem pleased, but I’m always looking for improvements. I already know of a dozen things that need to be fixed/changed/added/tweaked. But that’s me. I can’t put my name on something that is in my mind even a touch subpar.

(this is a temporary site I’m using while in development).

IE Issues – Part 2

As you can see, if you’ve been here before, the look of the site is totally different now. After wrastlin’ with the old theme I had for the site for about 2 hours, I finally gave up and used a new one. One of the problems the old theme had was that thing had more errors than a blind shortstop. I believe when I validated it, it came back with some 35 separate xhtml errors. In laymans terms, thats not good.

Of course, if you try to validate this theme, you get a lot of errors as well, but 99% of them are due to the statistic tracking code at the bottom of the page. The xhtml validator doesn’t like how that’s put together. I’ll have to do a little research to see if that is something I should be worried about or not.

On the plus side, this theme looks identical in IE and Firefox. Apparently, the shmoes in Redmond still can’t figure out how to get in line with everyone else on CSS. One would think that the biggest software company in the world could figure this out, but I guess not. I don’t have any other browsers installed, but I’m assuming its good across the board. Maybe thats just cause I’m lazy and this project is for fun. Who knows.

So, if you like the new look, I’d like to hear about it. If you don’t… piss off.

IE Issues

Ok… I’ve just noticed that this site looks all screwed up when viewing in Internet Explorer. I never bothered to look at it in IE since I always use a real browser, Firefox. There is something wrong with the formatting CSS on the right navigation for those headers. So, for everyone who uses Firefox, nevermind. Everyone else… oops.

Why didn’t anyone tell me? Sheesh. I feel like a schmuck. I’m supposed to be a professional web developer for christ sake. In the imortal words of Ron Burgandy, “What is this!? Amateur hour!?”

I shall repair asap. And hopfully recover a little dignity in the process.