IE Issues

Ok… I’ve just noticed that this site looks all screwed up when viewing in Internet Explorer. I never bothered to look at it in IE since I always use a real browser, Firefox. There is something wrong with the formatting CSS on the right navigation for those headers. So, for everyone who uses Firefox, nevermind. Everyone else… oops.

Why didn’t anyone tell me? Sheesh. I feel like a schmuck. I’m supposed to be a professional web developer for christ sake. In the imortal words of Ron Burgandy, “What is this!? Amateur hour!?”

I shall repair asap. And hopfully recover a little dignity in the process.

3 Replies to “IE Issues”

  1. Hey Jaz, I’ve spent the last 3 years in complete site admin hell, so I completely know where you’re comin from. One thing I learned waaaaay too late, was not to format a site for 1024×768…I’d be pissed too if I had to constantly sidescroll when viewing at 800×600! :p Anyway, I’ll send a gob of folks this way…the site is great, and I’ll be visiting often. You should be a writer my’ve got quite a way with words. -Yoeddy

  2. Better Ron Burgandy…

    “Go F*** Yourself, San Diego!”

    Insert Microsoft in place of San Diego and I think you got it right…

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