Wits and Wagers, Twin Style

Listen up twin fans.  If you’re interested at all about the big news as far as the sexes of these little twerps we currently have on layaway, we should have an answer to that during our August 3rd (20 week) ultrasound.  Needless to say, Jess and I are pretty friggin excited about that.

So, while we’re at it, we might as well get a little competition going!

Here’s the deal.  Post a comment on this blog post below with your guess (Note, guesses must be made here. Facebook or Twitter guesses will not be official).  The competition will consist of 2 separate guesses on your part.  First one being this pick of the sexes of each.  Obviously, there are 3 possible outcomes here: boy & boy, girl & girl, and boy & girl.  Some guesses which will NOT be accepted: “pale and pale-er” (too easy),  “mermaid and merman”, or “Edward and Jacob”.

Part 2 of your guess will come on delivery day.  As it approaches, we’ll have another round of guessing (here on this blog as well) where you will come up with the total combined weight of both of these munchkins.   Whoever picked the sexes correctly and is closest in weight wins.

We haven’t figured out fabulous prizes yet.  I’ll have to put some thought into that.  If you have ideas as far as that goes, go ahead and include them in your guess.

As far as heath wise, everyone is doing swimmingly.  Jess is an absolute trooper.  Aside from fatigue and the occasional heartburn she’s doing great.  Bathroom trips every 37 minutes excepted.  As far as we can tell, the kiddos are as good as can be expected.  By the way, we’re at 17 weeks today.

So, let us have it.  Anything worth doing is probably worth turning into a competition and gambling about, right?

Get your guesses in today!

21 Replies to “Wits and Wagers, Twin Style”

  1. ugh, i cannot remember what i guessed via my facebook comment – oh well! I’ll go with the girl / girl.
    so glad to hear that things are going well – wonderful news!

  2. My gut says two girls, but I am hoping for a boy/girl combo because then Patrick and Natalie will be able to show them the way. And I also am hoping for that Cabo trip for the win.

  3. Well, I was going to go with Boy/Girl, but that seems to be the popular guess. So my official vote is BOY/BOY. Lots of testosterone coming your way!

  4. My guess is girl/girl but most of all healthy/healthy. I also liked the post of one Vandal fan and one Bronco fan.

  5. I did some research and girl boy is most common, so that is what I’m going with and yes I am taking this competition very seriously.

  6. I sticking with 2 wonderful girls. I want to make frilly, girly stuff with my sewing and embroidery machines. Besides, Grandma and Grandpa H. need girls to even out the grand kid mix.

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