Broke the Seal

I’ve been looking forward to a day like today for a long time. I finally broke the seal on the shorts-wearing season!

I’ve said time and time again that my all time favorite days are those where you can wear shorts and a sweatshirt and be neither too warm nor too cold. And when the mercury starts to rise into the 60’s, that is good enough for me. Such days I will also refer to as “Oregon Coast days”. Luckily, Jess made me buy a new pair of shorts at Costco this past weekend, otherwise I would have had to tear into the storage boxes in order to find some.

Of course, mom wouldn’t approve of today… See, growing up in our house the standing rule was that it had to be 70 degrees or higher in order to wear shorts. I’m sure mom thought we would catch pneumonia or something if it wasn’t warm enough. I vividly remember busting home from school absolutely sure that it was at least 70. We’d run to the thermometer on the front of the house (no internet or even The Weather Channel back then) and look at that little red line. Hoping against hope that it was at that 70 notch. When it was, we’d run get mom so she would verify and then go put on some shorts. The worst days were when you were certain it was really hot, only to find it was like 65 and mom said no-go.

Ahh, childhood.

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