Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Arizona MemorialIn honor of the holiday, I spent a few minutes on song.ly, which is a service to tweet muisc.  Don’t ask.

Anyway, I scored my own fireworks show, you know, were I to have one.  This is what my fireworks show would sound like.  I’m sure you can picture the brightly colored explosions perfectly timed to the following tunes.

http://song.ly/g4s7 U.S. Merchant Marine Band – Semper Fidelis

http://song.ly/g4sl John Philip Sousa – Stars and Stripes Forever

http://song.ly/g4t9 Williams, John – Theme From Superman

http://song.ly/g4tp Boston Pops – Indiana Jones Theme

http://song.ly/g4uf John Philip Sousa – Battle Hymn of the Republic

http://song.ly/g4vk Aaron Copeland – Hoe Down

http://song.ly/g4v0 George C. Scott as Patton – Patton Speech (I would play this as voice over a few of the songs)

http://song.ly/g4wq Aaron Copeland – Fanfare for the Common Man

http://song.ly/g4xl Back To The Future theme

http://song.ly/g506 Top Gun – Theme

http://song.ly/g50z Band of the Fighting Irish – Notre Dame Victory March

http://song.ly/g51z Chet Atkins, Roy Clark – Dueling Banjos

http://song.ly/g52s James Brown – Living in America

Grand Finale: http://song.ly/g53f Neil Diamond – Coming To America

Yes, the requisite fireworks show would have cost millions of dollars (at least the one I had in my head would) so, the best I can do is the music.

Happy Independence Day folks.  I love this country.

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