What’s been goin down

Mom, this post is for you.

See, I’ve been… slightly lax… in updating my blog here lately.  Blame it on our crazy schedules, blame it on Facebook and Twitter, blame it on my sheer laziness.  I saw my mom this past weekend, and she said that since I haven’t been updating my blog, she’s got no idea what has been going on with us.

So, without further ado, here is what has been happening recently.

We are presently in the middle of “wedding season”.  This past weekend was cram packed with the wedding festivites of Jess’ sister.  With family in from out of town and all the requisite wedding activities, we were pretty busy.  The service was nice, weather turned out perfectly.  Unfortunately, this is not the end of our wedding escapades.  Next weekend is another wedding for some friends.  Fortunately, neither of us are in this wedding, but Jess is on board to bake cupcakes for it.  I guess the bride asked a bunch of friends to do this… don’t ask me why.  Then the following weekend, Jess is heading up to Lewiston for the wedding of a sorority sister of hers.  The weekend after that, is a getaway reception/party in McCall for the friends who were married (with the cupcakes).  Whew.  I think that’s it.

We finally broke down and purchased us some real ‘adult’ style patio furniture.  No more cheapo plastic chairs and wobbly tables for us!  We found what we liked at Lowes and attempted to purchase.  Well, the guy manning the patio furniture department wasn’t exactly helpful.  When we mentioned which table we wanted, he said they didn’t have any more.  Ok, that happens.  He checked the other stores in the area… nope.  Well, can we order it?  “No… it comes from Taiwan and we don’t know when we’re getting more.”  Huh?  What the hell does that have to do with anything?  You have a computer right in front of you.  I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure you’re not sending orders to Taiwan by carrier piegon or anything.  Finally, Jess found a customer service rep who couldn’t have been nicer.  She sold us the floor model table (woo hoo!  No assembly required!) and the chairs we wanted, took 10% off the whole order (saved us almost $100) and loaded up the truck for us.  Lowes saved themselves, because Jess was ready to boycott the whole joint.

So now, we have a big slate patio table and 6 chairs… I had to assemble those, however.  Ever notice when you are assembling mutiple items, by the time you get to the last one, you finally know the best way to do it?  I digress.

What else.  Oh yeah, I had my iPhone replaced.  See, the power/lock button stopped working a few weeks ago.  Total bummer.  But, since I was under warranty, I was able to call Apple, and they basically replaced the thing.  Got the new phone on Friday.  Swapped all my data and it’s ready to go.  Apple’s customer service is OUTSTANDING, fyi.

Murphy is doing well, almost 4 months old.  He is almost sleeping through the night, which is almost worse because he wakes up 10-40 minutes before Jess’ alarm goes off.  Just bad timing.  But, we’ve been going to puppy pre-school and he is a fast learner.  He is a bit of a butthead when it comes to other dogs, but we’re working on that.  He spent all of last Saturday in puppy day-care at our vet.  With a bunch of other dogs he got to play from 9am until 7pm.  When we finally got him home, he was absolutely beat.  I have never seen him so tired.  He could barely walk into the house.  Once he laid down, he was asleep in 0.8 seconds and was dead to the world.  It was awesome.  Gonna have to do that more often.  He is also starting to lose his baby teeth, and parts of his mouth look like Deliverance.  Funny stuff.

Jess and I went golfing yesterday with some friends.  We played 9 holes at Fox Tail, which is about 2 minutes from our house.  It was the first time I have golfed since September ’07.  I had no clue what to expect.  However, I played amazingly well.  After a couple of rough holes to start, I had back to back pars (on a par 3 and a par 4) and on that par 4 I was about 2 inches away from sinking a 30 foot put for the birdie.  Then, on the 9th hole, a 460 yard par 5, I chipped in from about 15 yards for the birdie.  That is like only my 3rd or 4th birdie ever.  Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised!  Maybe the secret to a good golf game is to wait a year and a half between rounds…

Well, I think that’s about it.  Now you’re up to date, Mom.

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  1. Hey, thanks, Jas–even tho we saw you at the wedding Saturday, I didn’t know about all the other stuff. Enjoyed the update!


  2. Yeah, thanks for the update. We didn’t know which wedding on what weekend you all were at. You ought to stay home more often just kidding.

    Can you tell me where the pics you took at Ali’s are? Maryann couldn’t find them.



  3. Kinda bummed you didn’t dig the cupcake idea, I thought it was a great (creative) way to get my friends involved without asking for them to be in a line and I figured it would be fairly low stress. I got more compliments on that aspect of the wedding than on anything else, and people loved the idea of tying in the favor by gifting everyone with a cupcake recipe, which also gave me a chance to give a shout out to each cupcake baker. I was a little bored at work and thought I would catch up on my friends blogs. Now I am a little bummed at work. Oh well… that’ll teach me to stray from my work activities.

  4. Amanda, I’m a guy. I don’t understand anything wedding related. Don’t use me as a barometer for what is and what is not a good idea.

    If you’ll notice, this was written prior to the event, and once I saw your grand plan, I thought it was cool. For the record…

  5. Okay… I feel better. I am a girl and sometimes I get my feelings hurt easily, after I wrote the comment I actually logged back on to delete it, because I felt like I was being a bit of a baby… Thanks Jason, and sorry.

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