Snowshoeing In McCall

This previous weekend, Jess and I got out of town for a couple days in our annual “post holiday decompress” trip. We usually try to get away for a weekend sometime after the first of the year just to come down a bit and recharge. This year was a little later than normal, but we still made it.

We stayed at the ‘everything old is new again’ Shore Lodge. Fresh off their failed “Whitetail” experiment, they are back to their roots. I’d never set foot in the building, but I gotta say that place is really nice. We had the authentic “McCall experience” in that we stayed at Shore Lodge, ate at Lardo’s, The Pancake House and The Mill. We also bought a 6-pack of beer at Paul’s.

Probably the most fun thing we did the whole weekend was snowshoeing. We borrowed some friend’s gear and tooled around the shore of Little Payette Lake. I’d never been snowshoeing before. Many years ago I did a little cross country skiing and snowshoeing is kinda like that. We had so much fun, we may be in the market for our own snowshoes.

We also had perfect weather. The sun was shining and the temps were in the upper 30’s. It was so nice we were able to shed our coats and de-layer a bit. Absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, I loved being out there with the new camera and playing around taking pics. Here are my favorites. Click on them to go to Flickr. Or you can view the slideshow.

Aspen Shadow

Winter Forrest

Winter Aspens

Winter Aspens

Snowshoeing Past Aspens

Aspen Matrix

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  1. nice pics Jas. I’ve wanted to go snow shoeing for years. The trouble is getting Adrian to agree that it would be fun. Hopefully your testimony will help. 🙂

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