25 Random Things About Me

randomangleOk, so if you’re on Facebook at all lately, you’ve probably seen these notes floating around.  The whole premise is, you get “tagged” by someone writing their 25 random things, then you gotta respond in kind with 25 of your own things, then tag 25 other people… so on and so forth.

I figured, in addition to posting them on FB, I’d also post them here on my blog, since I never seem to write much here anymore (something I’m trying to work on… but can’t promise anything at this moment).  I will say this will probably be a little (a lot) more verbose than a lot of the notes you read.  I can’t help that.  Just how it is.

Edit:  I wrote like 3500 words.  So sue me.  You don’t gotta read it…

So, here goes… 25 Random Things About Me.

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