Extreme Makeover – Beard Edition

I know, I’ve been slacking terribly. The blog has suffered in direct proportion to the length of my horrible beard-hair.  It must know how much I hate it.  How much I want to write about how bad it sucks.  Obviously, the beard has achieved sentience and is now taking greater and greater control of my life.

Beard, let me tell you something… your days are numbered.  Come Friday, you will be little more than scattered hairs clogging my sink.  An ignominious end for such a constant and horrific part of my life for the previous 2 months.  What follows are the observations and dislikes about having just such patchy carpet on my face.

Early on, it was itchy.  Like really itchy.  Normally, I shave about every three days or so since I don’t have the follicle coverage to require daily shaving.  So, towards the end of the first week, I really wasn’t in too much discomfort.  However, this quickly escalated.

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