Tale of Two Weekends

This past sporting weekend was a bit like two sides of the same coin.

My Saturday was excellent.  First, you all know about the big Boise State upset of Oregon.  That was by far the best thing.  Speaking of which, I have finally gotten a bunch of photos from that weekend posted to flickr. But also, in my college football pick’em league, I ended up picking 14 of 18 correct against the spread.  That is unreal.  If I had been in Vegas, I would have been PAID.  I mean, no one goes 14 of 18.  What a great day!

Of course, then Sunday rolls around.

First, I thought I had picked Buffalo in my suicide league. (Suicide leagues are where you pick one team a week to win, the only rule is you can’t pick the same team twice).  Well, Buffalo just barely beats Oaklakd… until I realized that I changed my pick at the last second to New England who got blown out by Miami, of all teams.  Dammit.  I’m a moron.

Then, my two fantasy football teams both got creamed.  My league at work, I had exactly 0 points from my QB and RB.  Needless to say, it is tough to win when that happens. Not to mention my injuries this season.  Yes, I did have Tom Brady… yikes.

Oh well.

As an aside to fantasy football… last year I wrote a post about a particular bad ass kicking I took.  The title of this post was “Fantasy Ass Kicking” and was about how I got blown out of the playoffs.  Well, the funny thing is I check my tracking stats regularly and I often see hits to that post from web searches for simply “fantasy ass”, usually from overseas.  It always cracks me up to think that some horny guy from Greece or Brazil thought they were getting something completely different.  I love the web.

In other Boise State thoughts, I had this realization today.  A buddy at work was trying to discuss scenarios in which BSU could get into the BCS this year, and it dawned on me, I’m still living off the Fiesta Bowl.  I spent that entire 2006 season worrying about if it could happen, stressing about every game and what it might do to our chances.  This time around, I’m just a lot more laid back about it.  If it happens, terrific!  If it doesn’t, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.  I think I am in a 5 year grace period following what happened that night in the desert.

Or maybe it’s just old age.

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