Waiting at the DMV

The cliché is absolutely true. The is no worse wait than at the DMV. Holy crap. This is torture.

See here is the story.

Jess’ drivers licence expired a month before the wedding and instead of renewing it just to change her name later she just waited until post wedding.

I, being the good husband, told her that I would go with her to get mine updted at the same time, seeing as it’s 4 years and four addresses ago.

Now we’re stuck here. Could be for a looooong time. Been here 10 minutes already and 4 only numbers have been called. “Now serving 103”. Well shit. I’m 129.

Ugh. This sucks hard. If we don’t make it out of here alive someone send a search party.

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  1. Maybe I’m still stuck in newlywed bliss but I didn’t think it was that bad getting to spend 1.5 with my husband…A good lunch break if you ask me! 🙂

  2. Yes, J… I liked seeing you in the middle of the day, but you’re telling me you wouldn’t have rather been, say, in the park, or at a restaurant, or any other place on the planet OTHER than the DMV?

  3. So… did you go to the one in none to busy Meridian? Or did you hit the main branch? Usually, the one on Chinden down from HP isn’t too busy.

    At least you have options. In 2C, you got Nampa and Caldwell. The Caldwell office is in the Courthouse, so you gotta go thru the whole empty yer pockets, step thru, oh crap, forgot I had my belt on and now I have to be searched and hand swiped fun. Oh wait, I forgot my registration out in the car and have to go thru all that AGAIN. Joy.

    Ahh… the DMV. Speaking as one who had a state job, I gotta tell ya, those 8 people you see behind the counter that COULD be helping others in line are super busy trying to look busy. Hey, it may take 5 mins to run that report over to the IN box of the person who needs it, but really, for job satisfaction, you have to see how long it CAN take you. Run over that report again. Spell check it. Grammar check it. Cut and paste the report a few times, rearrange a few items… This kind of quality takes time. The one who looks the busiest is usually the one who is doing the least while in line for a promotion.

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