Some recent random bits as I recovered from Vegas this past week. Check back later for more on that. I will say however, Vegas is a lot more fun when you win.

I filled up with gas yesterday. My previous tank which was the first one since the new commute to work was finished. Here are my stats. I filled up on 5/19. I went 412.6 miles on 11.2 gallons of gas. For those who are bad at math, that works out to 36.8 miles to the gallon and almost 4 full work weeks. That is AWESOME. I was amazed by that. I got almost 100 miles more on this tank than what I used to get on good tanks. Gotta love the Chinden commute with its few lights and long straights.

I spent the first hour of my workday this morning dumping coffee down my shirt without even noticing. The lid on my travel mug was not fully snapped in as I blissfully splashed my brand new shirt with coffee. So that was fun.

Is it wrong that I took exceptional glee in Big Brown’s total meltdown at the Belmont? It’s the same sort of joy I would get of seeing this car smash into the wall at 200 mph. The only thing that could be better would be seeing UPS stock take a major dump. Sensing a theme here?

The built-in TV cabinet is finally fully complete at the house. It looks great. I’ll have to post pictures.

Speaking of the house, the rose bushes that were part of the landscaping that came with the house have exploded. No, not literally. But, the sheer volume of yellow flowers that are on these things is incredible. Not only that, there are still about as many buds that have yet to start blooming. It is absolutely amazing.

June is almost half done already. Good lord how time is flying. T-Minus 2 months and counting until the wedding. Getting into crunch time here.

That’s all for now… check back later for pics of the cabinetry and roses. Happy weekend, everyone.

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