Signing Day

Front of house Tis signing day today. The day we get to practice our autographs 97 times and sign up for 30 years of debt. Hooo boy…

I don’t care who you are, if that doesn’t make your bowels a bit loose, you should probably not be making major purchases. It means you haven’t fully realized the ramifications of what you’re about to do. Trust me… I’m MORE than aware of what we’re doing.

What a wild ride this has been. I’m exhausted. I got a wicked cardboard cut on my pinky. House is 85-90% packed, but what we have left is the straggler shit that just makes me crazy. Perhaps we should just chuck it all and start over. We really just wanna be done.

What I find amusing is that 8 months ago, I was in a 500 sq.ft. apartment. I moved into Jess’ 1000 sq.ft. house in September. Now, we’re moving into a 2373 sq.ft. house in exactly 48 hours. I guess this means we gotta figure out a way to buy a 5000 sq.ft. house next year just to keep the pattern going, right? Umm… maybe not…

As I have stated before, the movers are scheduled 9am Saturday. After loading time, we will probably be out to the house around 11ish to start the offloading process. After that, its all about boxes, boxes and more boxes.

We would like to extend an invite to anyone who is in the area and interested to come on by and check out the new digs . It will be the first chance for all of you to bask in the glory that is “Dream House”. Come see it before it’s covered in dog hair, outdated computer hardware and Jess’ shoes. Say hello. Explore the neighborhood. We won’t have any food or drink to offer you, but please come on by anyway. Maybe unload a box or two… c’mon, it’ll be fun…

How to find us: Google Maps. (best way to enter is off of Chinden)

So, wish us godspeed in our adventures today. Come 4:15 we sign our all our spare income away.

Onward and upward!

5 Replies to “Signing Day”

  1. Why do you have to keep using that picture with my big butt in it….ugggh!

    Happy signing day baby! I can’t wait to have this all done too. It’s been a journey…and I’m so glad that you’ve been there to keep me (and us) in check and happy when I might have just wanted to give up! You’re amazing!

    Now thanks for giving directions to our house…yay for all the crazies that will stop by. Now we might want to look into an alarm system! 🙂

    love you

  2. Meh… I’m not popular enough to have any stalkers. Besides, if any crazies are reading this looking for our house, then they should also know that I’m armed to the teeth and won’t hesitate to bust a cap in their ass. In fact, I might relish the opportunity.

    That oughta do it.

  3. Well congratulations are in order.

    We might try and come over on Sunday, as Sat I am selling stuff at the big Garage Sale at the Fairgrounds.

  4. It is a sobering prospect but damn exciting! Congrats to you both! We may try to stop by on Saturday afternoon. But if not we will surely see it soon.

  5. shaking all over at the prospect of you “bustin a cap” in anything. Congrats guys! Have fun w/Saturday. 🙂

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