Marcus Samuel has entered the building

I’m a little slow on the draw, but last Friday, the 14th, my sister gave birth to the latest (and last) member of their clan…

Marcus Samuel

Marcus Samuel. 7lbs. 9oz., 20″. Since he didn’t go through the Playdoh fun-factory of life, his head isn’t all squashed. So, he’s pretty cute.

By my calculations, I’m the last ‘blogger’ in the family to announce this information, well, if you don’t count Kim herself as she has been a bit preoccupied…

Jess and I visited on Saturday and the little man was just sleeping away. Despite being passed around like a bong, he didn’t seem to mind a bit. Although, when the doc came in to check on him, he started squawking a bit. Actually, he sounded a bit like a puppy. Amusing. All three of the women in the room were whimpering like puppies as well, since this particular doctor was quite the hunk. Hell, I’m 100% hetero and I thought this guy was good looking. A true life McDreamy.

I have already decided his nickname… or at least what I’ll call him until it sticks. I’m going with his initials MSE… and since its Marcus: MASE. Bang. How’s that for snappy? I like it. Either that, or “Marc Sammy” but that sounds like a pet name for a lunch item. Plus, “Zach and Mase” (their first son) sounds like a kick-ass rap group.

Speaking of which, imagine what sorts of adventures those two are going to have… Having never had a brother, I can only speculate that it is going to certainly be a sight to behold.

So, there ya go. Keep your eye on Kim’s Blog for the inevitable 10,000 pictures to come.

Congrats you guys!

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