Uncle Jason

So, my sister is about to pop. We’re talking über-pregnant with their second kid. She is actually scheduled for ye olde dash and grab method (c-section) this Friday. Of course, this makes me “Uncle Jason” yet again.

Actually, I’ve been “Uncle Jason” for a while now. Not just starting with Zach, who was their first (now 3.5 years old) either.

See, “Uncle Jason” has been around for many many years. It started with little Marcus Allen Dreps, the son of by buddy Mike. Born sometime around the mid 90’s. I was “Uncled” again when my buddy John and his wife had little Jason Peaslee (yes, named after me… how cool is that?) around the same time (then followed by Tristan and Tanner). The trend continued through my friend George’s kids Catie (4) and Jack (1).

There were even a niece and nephew by marriage in there for a few years, but let’s just move on.

Somewhere along the line, something interesting happened. I used to feel super awkward around kids. Never knowing what to do. Thus, I would avoid the situations. “Wanna hold the baby?” someone would ask. “Uhhh… no thanks” I would reply. However, through more exposure I became more and more comfortable around the wee tykes. I would say I’ve built up my tolerance levels quite a bit from where they were. Now, mind you, I’m not about to start babysitting or anything like that. But, I am good for moderate stretches.

When Zach came along, and I was finally officially legitimized as Uncle Jason by blood. Gee, that sounds kinda gross… like some sort of ritual involving sun-god robes and the still beating heart of a goat… Anyway, I digress.

Watching all these little ones grow is quite an amazing thing. I’m flabbergasted to see the beginnings of personalities. To watch them learn. Absorb. Just fascinating stuff.

Now, we’re (I say “we’re” like I’m involved somehow…) about to add another. It is really quite exciting. Lemme tell you, I never thought I’d be thinking that.

Imagine how geeked out I will be when the day comes for me to welcome the fruit of my own loins into the world. I can’t ponder that too hard or it will make my head asplode.

So, good luck on Friday Kim. We’ll be thinkin about you… and number 2.

4 Replies to “Uncle Jason”

  1. There is a saying I heard before watching Juno, but it’s true nonetheless.

    A woman becomes a mother when she gets pregnant. A man becomes a father when he sees his child for the 1st time.

    The geeking out moment comes when you are holding the camera taking snap shots of the newly born baby and call out his/her name and the baby turns its head your way. I almost dropped the damn camera.

  2. Great post, J…

    Glad you’re excited about this little one’s arrival–who’da thunk? Now one of these days you’ll get to return the favor and provide Z with a cousin or 4. 🙂

    See you Friday sometime, I imagine…

  3. Oh, let me clarify,…

    I didn’t mean the “who’da thunk?” in regard to your excitement, but more in regard to the fact that we dared to jump into the abyss of parenthood again…even if it wasn’t entirely by choice…..

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