August 16th, OK?

Apparently, I seriously dropped the ball. Who knew that my devoted readers keep on top of things, but obviously you all do. It’s not like we were keeping it a secret or anything and we’ve told anyone who asked. It just slipped my mind to put it on my blog. So, without further ado…

The big day is scheduled for Saturday, August 16th 2008.

We have been engaged for two full months as of this Friday. Presently, we have just about everything nailed down. Date, locale (for reception at least), caterer, photographer, DJ, cake, colors, dress, tuxes, honeymoon, you name it. I believe the only semi-major type thing left to do is flowers.

Yes, I’ll take full credit for getting all of this done. I’ve really been busting my ass, making decisions and calling all over town coordinating everything. I will say it has been kinda tough dragging Jess through this whole process…

Oh… Hi baby, didn’t see you there… a-hem… whoops… um… I mean… er… well, see… ahh… the thing is… uh…

Just kidding. She has actually been super efficient in nailing all this down. She jumped into the deep end and has done an amazing job. If it was up to me, we’d be nowhere. Getting married at the local Moose Lodge or something officiated by Reverend Skeeter, local pastor and tractor mechanic.

So, there ya go. You’re all up to date now. For the record, you’ll notice that I’ve added a new category to the right navigation called “Wedding”. This can be your conduit for all things wedding related here on my blog. Right now, this will be the only post in there, but stay tuned. More will be coming to feed you people’s voracious appetite for wedding details.

13 Replies to “August 16th, OK?”

  1. You, making decisions…yeah right! I would love to see that. Mr. “I have no opinion.” 🙂

    You have been very patient with me rambling on about details…and I thank you for that!

  2. Hey hey heyyyyy… it’s not that Jas doesn’t have an opinion… us menfolk are simple, that’s all. You want us to dress up in monkey suits? ok. You want us to be in shorts standing in the warm waters off Maui while someone throws flowers in the ocean? ok. Path of least resistance is not just for water.

  3. Don’t you two go painting the picture like it’s some sort of dictatorship. There is no resistance to his ideas coming from me…therefore no reason for a defined path of least. The only thing that I have vetoed was the idea that the colors were going to be blue and orange and I was going to walk down the isle to the BSU fight song waving a bronco flag.
    That I am morally against!

  4. I think a blue and orange themed wedding would be very inventive! I have to agree though, the past of least resistance is always best. 🙂

  5. I think the only way it would be just would be for Jason to be standing up there in a tux of Idaho colors and “Idaho” and “Rules” painted on the bottom of his shoes.

  6. “Let” that happen. Uh honey, you picked that all by yourself! BTW…Idaho’s colors are not black and ivory…we’ll have to get you a gold vest for that. I’ll call Sweetheart Manor(which is a horrible name) and let them know of the change 🙂

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