Moving Sucks (and my new address)

I’m sure most of you know already, but let me just reiterate once again. Moving totally sucks. I hate moving. I hate boxing up my shit. I hate lugging my shit around. I hate living in and out of boxes. I hate dust. I hate updating addresses with every single person, place or thing who sends me shit. I hate everything about moving. *whew*

Luckily, this time Jess is there to help, and she has been invaluable. She keeps me on task long past the time I would have crapped out.

We are now in the “little random crap” stage of packing which makes me insane. Boxing up the kitchen is easy. It’s big, defined, and can all go in the same box. It’s when you get down to all of those odds and ends you have floating around your house that have no real category yet still have to go in some box in order to be moved. Just beyond aggravating.

My new address is as follows:
1005 N Harding
Boise, ID 83706

(the nice thing is the sheer number of characters I’m saving when I have to write my address! The old one was: “6294 N Park Meadow Way apt. 303” )

The funny thing is, as much as I hate moving this will be my 9th move since I left mom and dad’s. You would think that I would have it down at this point… but I don’t. My progression is as follows. (map)

  1. Stone Ridge Apts.
  2. Eastover Terrace
  3. Stephen Ave Apt.
  4. Falcon Valley Townhomes
  5. Clocktower Apts
  6. Charlotte Ave (my house)
  7. 21st st. (G’s house)
  8. Renaissance Apts
  9. Harding (Jess’ house)

Ugh… I get tired even thinking about it.

I’ll have a new home phone number as well, but since nobody actually ever calls me at home, I won’t post it here. If you want it, drop me an email.

So, the movers are scheduled first thing Saturday morning. Not sure how long it will take, but just about everything is boxed and ready to go. There are a few stragglers, but that’s it. I still don’t have any concrete leads on selling the TV, but I keep hoping something comes through in the 11th hour.

All we’ll have left at that point is once it’s all moved is to find places for all my crap in the new place, which is only marginally better than boxing it up in the first place.

No, I haven’t had a chance to blog about the Boise State game last weekend, but hopefully I will. This week is not good. Next week might not be much better. But, I may find some time in there somewhere.

3 Replies to “Moving Sucks (and my new address)”

  1. Oh, Jess… anyone could have gotten it by googling you and Jas… Googling… sounds like one of those obscure, weird dirty things. (ya know… like the rusty trombone, dirty sanchez, space docking, or the strawberry shortcake…)

    Family topics, to be sure.

  2. Ummm…I’m with Jess on posting the address….there are LOONS out there (most of them are reading this blog!).

    Also, I’m sensing some ambivalence about moving…it’s not very clear how you really feel about it. Don’t beat around the bush!

    And, for the tv, maybe try a consignment shop if nothing else…….

    Good luck. Glad it’s you and not me. 🙂

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