Next Step

I would like to use this time to inform all my “peeps” who regularly read this little forum here of my… technically “our”… upcoming plans.

After much discussion and deliberation Jess and I have decided to move in together.  Again, technically I’m moving in with her, but the final result is the same.

We view this as the natural progression of our relationship and we are both ready and very excited.  My lease at my apartment is up the end of September so a decision needed to be made.  Actually, we have talked about it for quite a while, including before I signed my last 6 month lease, but wanted to be sure it was right for both of us.  Now, it is.

Movers have been scheduled and preparations have begun, but some assistance may still be required.  Those of you know who you are… You will be properly bribed pizza and lubricated with beer if necessary.

For the record, I would also like to add that this is not the final step.  My ultimate goal is not to move in and mooch off her until she wises up and kicks me out.  “Next Step” implies that more steps will follow.  I’m a big believer of one thing at a time, and so in keeping with that mindset, once this is done and settled there will be more steps to come.

Read into that what you will.  *wink*

Discuss amongst yourselves…

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