Game One… belated

IMG_1576 Ok, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve been busy. But I wanted to get a small post regarding the first game of the season.

I have to admit, I was on the conservative side in my final score predictions… somewhere in the 34-17 area. I absolutely did not expect 7 touchdowns in our first 7 possessions. Nor did I expect the defense to force them to go 3 and out in their first 6 possessions. You couldn’t get more dominant than that. Weber State came in with some hype regarding the Big Sky’s returning leading rusher and heralded Alabama transfer

That 56 – 7 final was perhaps one of the most dominating performances I’ve ever seen, and that includes some monsters like 65-7 vs Idaho in ’04, 62-0 vs Idaho State and 56-3 vs Nevada in ’03. I’m quite sure in those games we weren’t pulling our starters in the 2nd quarter after scoring 7 straight times. Absolutely amazing.

IMG_1582 Of course, the big story is the emergence of Taylor Tharp as the starting QB. There isn’t a single person who doubts Coach Pete’s call on that one. He did some very nice things and played very well. In comparison, when Bush Hamdan came in, he looked like absolute crap. Maybe that was just because he was playing with 2nd and 3rd stringers, but who knows. At least we can stop discussing it.

The other story of the night was the emergence of the freshmen. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that this crop are more talented at this point than any group we’ve ever had. And this isn’t even the “Fiesta Bowl” recruiting class which will come next year. Receiver Titus Young, RB’s Jeremy Avery and DJ Harper, LB Darrell Acrey, DE Ryan Winterswyk all made SIGNIFICANT contributions. That was a joy to watch. One of the best parts of college football is seeing what is there now, and in your mind projecting out what might be. Let’s just say, the future looks bright!

IMG_1563 The game wasn’t all roses, however. First, the temperature at kickoff was about 96 with some humidity and not a breeze to be had. That was brutal. Not to mention, sitting in the upper deck, square in the sun was just horrible. I probably lost about 4 lbs in sweat.

Also, the second half with all of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers playing was ugly and quite boring. I guess some of that is to be expected, as those units don’t practice together regularly and don’t get the reps that the 1st string does. But, it was some very sloppy football, and when coupled with the heat, really took some dedication to stay for the whole game. Which, I have to give Jess props for sticking it out with me and not complaining. Granted, I had the car keys, but still… She’s a trooper.

Next up… Washington. Jess and I are making the trip up and I’m very excited. It will be my second PAC-10 stadium (I went to Reser in Corvallis 3 years ago) and the game should be great. I’ve heard estimates that Boise State may bring as many as 10,000 Bronco faithful to the great green north… I can’t wait.

Watch this space for more when I return.

Go Broncos.

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