Thank God It’s August

Summer HeatWe made it.  It is finally August and I couldn’t be happier.

I barely survived the smoking, sun-scarred moonscape that was existence here in July.   In case you’re not from here or didn’t leave your house for a full month (in either case, I envy you) but July was officially the hottest month on record here in Boise.  The Statesman said that there were 14 days of 100+ temps.  Well, if you look at this pdf you will see that in addition to those “official” triple digit temps, there were 8 additional days that were 97-99.  As I see it, if you’re driving around and its 97 or above ‘officially’ you will find somewhere in some parking lot or whatever is over 100.  I think that should count.  Just because where they took the measurement didn’t hit 100 doesn’t mean that somewhere you were didn’t.

That makes 22 out of 31 days that were WAY to friggin hot.  Not to mention, its not like those other 9 days were cool and breezy.  They were still hotter then hell.

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