While We’re Waiting

It is really impressive just how much you all seem to care about this little job adventure in my life. I’ve gotten more blog page loads and comments (not to mention IM’s, text messages, calls and emails) about this offer than I have on just about anything else.

For the record… I have not received any offer. However, I am assured that I am their guy. The offer will come.

So, I figured while we’re all waiting, how about you enjoy some of my past blog posts you may have missed or just wanna read again.

Like, why you shouldn’t go to Kuna
Or perhaps why we’re sports fans
Or the time I was robbed
Perhaps the time I overdosed on football
Maybe my magical fridge
Or my review of one of the worst books I’ve read.

At least all of that will give you something to do.

Keep watching this space. As soon as I know, you’ll know.

7 Replies to “While We’re Waiting”

  1. Well now this is just like Grey’s Anatomy or any other show that you think the next episode is going to be the season finale but they just throw in one of the stupid episodes that recaps what happened that season.

    I want the Season Finale!

  2. … OR we could start quoting Pulp Fiction in hopes that we will survive the current ordeal.

    Jaz and I had an interesting outing some years ago and the only way we survived (I am convinced of this) is because of the two of us quoting Pulp Fiction.

  3. Here it is Friday with no news yet?
    or are you celebrating and I’m the last to know?
    Best to you on whatever the decision is! 🙂

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