I can’t believe I forgot to mention the single dumbest thing I heard in my entire trip to Reno.

At the game, they played this football theme song called “Nevadatude”. Which, essentially amounts to a horrific country song, with lyrics filled with Nevada football references. I have never heard something so bad in my life. Honestly. I can’t even rationally discuss it.

Have you ever heard something that was so bad, it made you uncomfortable to listen to? Like you are incredibly embarrassed for those involved? That was this song. Exceedingly cringeworthy.

After a quick google search, this whole thing was apparently head coach Chris Ault’s idea. Hey coach… how about we worry about the product on the field and not your program’s theme song, hmmm? It is quite obvious you have MUCH bigger problems than this song.

As it stands, I guess “Nevadatude” is defined as completely rolling over for the biggest game of the season, displaying no heart at all, letting 8,000 rival fans dominate your building or simply having your stadium 70% empty.

Gee, if that is “Nevadatude”, count me out.

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