Aparently, in the big cities, cupcake bakeries are all the rage. Being I live in Boise Idaho, I wouldn’t know such things if it weren’t for pop culture.

See Lazy Sunday. A Saturday Night Live video from a few months ago. I guess the Magnolia Bakery in the West Village in Manhattan mentioned in the video has some of the best cupcakes on the planet. “Two, no Six, no, twelve… Bakers Dozen! I told you I’m crazy for these cupcakes cousin!

Well, it’s time to welcome Boise Idaho (ok, well, Eagle anyway) to the party. We are getting our very own specialty cupcake joint. Opening in a few weeks is Lilly Jane’s Cupcakes. At the corner of Eagle road and highway 44. (Google Maps is the best. True Dat. DOUBLE TRUE)

Do yourself a favor, do not look at the cupcakes they are going to have to offer. Just trust me here. All it is going to do is make you want one (or maybe a dozen) RIGHT NOW. And since they’re not open yet, that can be a serious problem. It is for me. I pray you don’t fall into the trap.

Watch this space for a full review once it opens. I will not, however, review the carrot cake cupcake since I hate that damn stuff. All others are fair game!

What you wanna do J? Snack attack mutha f*$%@!

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