The city’s excited

I have to determine that the city is quite excited this morning. Last nights game vs. Oregon State was unbelievable… specifically Ian Johnson (22 carries 240 yards and 5 TDs) was the most unbelievable. My gage for the mood of the city is admittedly rudimentary. I had to take my car into the mechanic this morning. I have interacted with exactly 3 strangers this morning, all before 9:30 am. The mechanic, he didn’t mention anything about the game. But I dropped my car off and went to get a newspaper at the Cheveron station and wait for the taxi. I bought a newspaper, and the lady behind the counter was very excited. We discussed Johnson’s performance and how good the game was. Then, the cab driver was listening to sports radio and we were talking about the game the whole 15 minute trip back to my apartment.

I’m no math major, but I would think that if 66% of the people you see today are talking about the game, then thats a pretty good percentage.

I got home from the game last night, and I made the mistake of firing up my DVR to watch the game. I thought, “I’ll just until Ian’s first touchdown…” Well, that didn’t last. I ended up watching the whole thing. The High Def was beautiful. The announcers were great. Sometimes when we get national guys when we’re playing a bigger opponent, they spend the whole time talking about the opponent and shafting us. But, Fowler and Herbstreit were terrific. And, seeing Johnson’s runs again were just amazing. He (and the O-line) made that Pac-10 defense look silly.

I think running the table could be a real option. I’m very excited.

Car update again…

Just got the call from the mechanic. Apparently the radiator is shot and needs to be replaced. $310 parts and labor. *sigh* What can ya do? At least I have the peace of mind knowing that this guy is not screwing me. If it were anyone else, I might get a second opinion, but I know this guy is legit. Speaking of which, if any of you out there live in the Treasure Valley and own a Honda/Acura, you will find no better mechanic than Dietz Automotive at 24th and Fairview.