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I thought I would post my personal ad from on here… who knows, some beautiful, single, independently wealthy woman lookin for a red-headed introvert might read this…

For those not familiar with match ads, there are a few sections. First is the big ‘about me’ section, then there are a few prompted sections (“favorite things”, “my education”, etc.)

About me and what I’m looking for

Ok ok, something different… something original. Damn. Hmmmm.. Well, nothing is coming to me. I’ll just wing it.

Divorced, successful, friendly, optimistic, loyal, sensitive, happy-go-lucky guy with a full head of hair, looking for a partner, a best friend, that “go to” person in my life. Companionship is very important.

About me. I enjoy all kinds of things. Everything from dressed up dinners out w/ wine to dressed down dinners in with a new recipe. Heading out for a vodka-tonic or cold beer and some good conversation can be very relaxing. Sometimes you wanna go where everyone knows your name, suck some suds, and argue with Cliff… wait…

I have the usual biological need to watch and care about sports. Its in my genes. I have season tickets to Boise State football and basketball, and have had Steelhead hockey season tickets. Fall weekends are the best. I also enjoy a nice round on the links. Not that I’m any good, but golf is still something I enjoy.

I’m not much of an outdoor guy. I grew up camping and fishing, somehow now it just seems like an awful lot of work you have to put in before you can relax. Thats not to say I wouldn’t enjoy it again. I’ll give ‘er a go. I do enjoy going for long walks (again, especially in Autumn… can you tell my favorite season?) and roadtrips just about anywhere are always fun.

I own a tuxedo and know how to use it.

I am a total animal lover (no… not THAT way), and can’t help but be a goof when around them. I am also a ‘computer guy’. Both as my profession as well as my hobby. Ever since dad took a 6 year old me to my first arcade, I’ve been hooked. Blame him. You may be thinking “geek”. Au contraire mon frere. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Give me a shot.

Everyone says they want to meet “the nice guy”… well, here’s your chance. I’m the epitome of “nice guy”.

I have few requirements as to what I’m looking for. Some are non-negotiable. Most importantly, you must be intelligent. Nothing makes me more crazy than stupid people. You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon or anything but at least know who you are, what you’re doing, and what is going on around you.

I would like someone who is laid back, easy going, low maintenance. Someone who doesn’t need to be together every second. Someone comfortable in their own skin. Someone who can equally veg out in sweats on the couch, or get dolled up for a night on the town, or anywhere in between.

I’d like someone with a sense of style… who can help me stay current on my stuff, as well as knowing how to keep herself fresh. If you’re sporting a circa 1983 ‘Flashdance’ perm, we’re probably not going to work out. (although, the leg warmers are negotiable).

You should not be afraid to laugh. Be yourself, have a good time. Everyone always thinks that they have a good sense of humor, but statistically, that is simply not possible. Really, I just want your sense of humor to jive with mine. Difficult to define, but easy to spot. Nothing wrong with goofy once in a while.

Friends and family should be important to you. Not only yours, but mine as well. I think every effort should be made by both sides of a relationship to incorporate the other person’s “people” as much as possible. However, you must also realize that sometimes you can’t be everywhere at once. Figuring out that balance is important.

Hmmm.. that sounds like a lot of requirements… I’d say just about everything is flexible. Everyone is far more interesting and complex than can ever conveyed by a simple personal ad. I don’t pretend this ad is the sum total of me. I’m sure your ad is only a small portion of who you are. Let’s find out if we click.

Two is always more fun than one… which is why we’re all here.

for fun:

I love trying new and old restaruants . Getting dressed up for no reason. Staying home & trying a new recipe (I’m a reforming former picky eater). Getting drinks with friends. Love movies. Cultural events – (theatre, music, events)

my job:

Currently doing web development for a major corp, as well as freelance web design on the side. Terrifically flexible schedule. Spend a lot of time on the computer. I enjoy having a somewhat creative job. I also have some entrepreneurial ideas as well

my ethnicity:

Ye olde German Irish. aka: SPF 75 and a goofy lookin hat.

my religion

Technically catholic, but not exactly a regular participant, much to my parents chagrin. Pretty much Christmas and Easter are the extent of it

my education

Boise State alum… Got me a BBA in CIS… uh… WXYZ…
(thats a bachelor of business administration in computer information systems… aka. “geek”)

favorite hot spots:

Downtown… hyde park… anywhere with a cool shaded patio. Live music at a volume where you can still converse. Relaxed atmospheres. Love to travel. Vegas regularly but will go anywhere. NY & DC are on my list. Europe someday.

favorite things:

I need to have pizza once a week, its just a rule. A double-feature at Edwards is a terrific way to spend an afternoon especially when its really hot out. I love Costco and enjoy just browsing stores. Big sports fan & everything that entails.

There it is. If you’ve read my blog, you know I like to write a little bit. Well, they have these character limits for each section and I had to edit my thing down by about half to get it to fit. Took me forever to get it small enough to fit. I guess people don’t really want to spend 40 minutes reading a single personal ad, huh? Who knew?

Since the ex took a veiled shot at me in her ad, I kinda took one back. Can you guess which section that was?

Dating in 2006… here we go again… *sigh*
I just wish someone would bring the ‘strong, silent type’ back into vogue. Gary Cooper, where are you when we silent types need ya? Where is the next Clint Eastwood or James Coburn. Now, everyone loves the loud, outgoing, funny, mile a minute extroverts (Vince Vaughn, anyone?), even me. I wish I were one. But, I’m not and never will be.

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  1. I think your ad looks great. One minor detail: restaurant is misspelled…of course, that would weed out the anal types….wait a minute….

    Anyway, good luck and have fun! Forget the EX, she’s the big loser in this situation…she failed to see what she had when she had it.

  2. Jason, your ad is great. Reads really honest and accurate. You describe the person that I’ve observed. The only women I know these days outside of our families work for me – and they’re all taken… I’ve got an open position, though, so I’ll screen some candidates with you in mind.

    (This blog entry does not represent my opinion nor any one else’s. Nor does it describe my hiring practices, the hiring policy of my company, my management, or any other human being or canine. Any resemblance to thought or opinion are purely coincidental.)

    But really tho. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  3. Chris, I appreciate the lookin out man!

    “I hired her for you. I hired a 90 lb. girl to work in the stock room at Smart Tech. For you.. Ok? I shoulda hired a 300 lb. guy. Lift 60″ flatscreens. But instead, I hired a hot girl, who can’t lift an Ipod, to bring you out of your funk.”

    The 40-Year Old Virgin

  4. It all makes sense now J…it was my father that got me into this video game addiction of mine! Boy am I gonna let him have it the next time I call him! I’ll try and ‘guilt’ him into reimbursement for my new rotating 21″ LCD that I bought specifically for MAME portrait games!!! He should eat the bill since it was HIS fault all along! 😉

    I’m getting closer on the XBOX 360 gig btw.

  5. Jason Y –

    You bought a rotating 21″ LCD for MAME portrait games?

    Galaxian in portrait?

    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.


  6. Chris,

    Yeah, it is the best $299 that I’ve spent in a while. Samsung 204B at BestBuy, and it displays the latest scanline overlay wonderfully to replicate the old arcade monitors. You still into MAME at all? If you aren’t, this type of monitor will get you addicted to your PC again in no time!

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