Ok, while we’re on this dating and thing I’ve got one thing to say. Aparently, I am HUGE in Russia. I mean, I am in some serious demand over there. Who knew?

So, I guess if I ever get desperate enough, I can always find some hot, blonde Russian woman who thinks I’m the cats pajamas. Perhaps a mail-order bride is in my future?

I get many responses like the following:

Hi. I am very much interested in you. If you will have a free time, please answer my letter. Your profile liked me. I would like to know you better. “


Hi I was interested by your structure we could speak with you write to me on mine e-mail the address and I shall write to you 100 % ****** or leave by an owl e-mail the address and we with you shall be closer gets acquainted.”

I really wish I had made those up…

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