Swirly? Really?

Is it possible that I’m the only person that ever went to Junior High? The reason I ask, is I saw this billboard the other day and only one thing popped into my head. (click for larger… sorry for the quality, I took it while driving down the road)

Get a Swirly

“Get a Swirly at Roaring Springs”? Um… no thanks… I’ll pass.

Are you telling me that whoever runs their advertising department… or anyone who works for them at all, knows what the hell a swirly is? I suppose, for those who were never juvenile enough to know what a swirly is, I should define it. Ya see, a swirly is when someone dunks your head in a toilet and flushes it. Pretty simple. See this Wikipedia entry. I thought that was a universal term, but obviously I’m wrong. You can go to youtube.com and search “swirly” and you get a large number of hits. Click Here if you need a visual demonstration of this in action.

To my way of thinking, this is the equivalent of them advertising, “Come get an Atomic Wedgie at Roaring Springs!”… which we all know is when the underwear get pulled up and over the top of the head. Or perhaps, “Purple Nurples only at Roaring Springs!”. Maybe some of you older folks would understand if it read, “We’re mooning everyone at Roaring Springs!”

Now, I have never been to Roaring Springs. Maybe they really are giving out honest to god swirlys there. Who knows? All I know is when I see a giant billboard advertising it, I am immediately taken back to being young and dumb and really doesn’t make me want to go there.

Perhaps it IS just me…

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