The Big Reveal – I’m Officially Outnumbered

My other option for a title was going to be “What is 2/3 of a Motley Crue song?”

The answer?

Girls, Girls.

There you have it. We have two little girls on the way. It appears that my gut feeling yesterday morning turned out to be correct. As did Jess’s gut (although she had an advantage as the kids are significantly closer to her guts and all).

On the health front, both girls size/weight are projecting them directly on the due date, which is good. Right at .7 lbs each. All systems are still go. All the anatomy checked out too… hearts, spines, brains, kidneys, the whole shooting match. I’m going to go on the record here. You know, as much as you can deduce from a single 20 week ultrasound and all. Baby A (the lower one) will be the hyperactive one. She was basically Ester Williams in there. Hardly remaining in one place and instead performing water ballet. Baby B, the upper one, will be the more relaxed one. She just kinda hung out while the ultrasound was going and sucked her thumb… in addition to laying completely upside down. Full relaxation mode.

Downside… no boy. Which, I have to admit, is a bit of a bummer for me. More on this later.

I have to admit, there are a lot of plusses here. One set of clothes. One set of toys. They can share a room a lot longer. We can refer to them as both “the twins” and “the girls”, you know, just to change it up, so that’s a plus right? I’m sure there will be other advantages too…

So there you have it. The last big surprise until the bigger day comes.


As a postscript, I’m taking to our other blog at to do some micro-blogging about this whole thing. I’m planning on using that one to just crank out short posts about how things are going in this whole deal. This blog will remain for the bigger posts, however. Keep your eye on that space as well for a snapshot of my thoughts on day to day life of having a wife pregnant with twins. I believe Jess is going to blog there as well.

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  1. Don’t count Murphy out….he can be a great source of male solace for you. Plus, he can entertain the girls for you too! Girls love their daddies – you’ll see.

  2. I,too, am so delighted and excited for all of you! Once those little ones are here, you won’t be able to imagine them being anything other that what they are. You will be able to bond just as well with girls, Jas–it just may take a little different kind of effort.

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